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Over and Over

29 Jul

friends2.jpg image by Lollllipop

One thing I could literally watch over and over again is Friends.  Our awesome ex-roomate has all the seasons on DVD and even though she is moved out she still lets me borrow a few of them. 

Since we don’t have TV, its great to just watch a 20 minute episode.  Even though I have seen every epidsode (in some cases, several times) I still love it.  I don’t ever get tired of this stuff.

What can you watch over and over again?

I felt so stupid

28 Jul

So… I love volleyball.  I played in High School and a bit in college.  I miss it.  Mike Tongg coaches at Ramona HS and has been asking me to come out and play with his team for awhile now and I finally did.  I have been having so much fun.

Besides Mike, I am definately the oldest one there (even with the other assistant coaches).  And even though I haven’t played court v-ball in a long time, I still felt like I had to prove myself a little bit.

The first day I actually suprised myself at how well I hit some of the balls after all this time.  Today was not a very impressive day.

We were just doing some hitting drills and my timing must have been off because I swung hard and missed the ball completely…. and the ball hit me in the face!  But thats not the worst part.  It happened TWICE!

Then later when I missed a serve, one of the players jokingly told me that I should try hitting it with my head.

Ha Ha.  Doesn’t she know that I am ‘words of affirmation’?

Not my finest hour but tomorrow I get back on the horse.

I left my heart…

28 Jul

in San Francisco.  I didn’t blog for a week because Andrew and I were on a little vacate in San Francisco.  We had an amazing time.  Here are a few snapshots.

San Francisco 008


For all you Fresno peeps, you know the importance of this place.  Yes, we stopped off in Pismo beach on our way up and had lunch at the Splash Cafe.  It is a hole-in-the-wall place that always has a line out the door.  Together, we ate a quart of clam chowder.  It made us feel sick but totally worth it!




San Francisco 016


This is my friend Arris and her so cute son, Jaden.  Arris and I became friends because our husbands grew up together.  We don’t get to see each other very often but I love it when we do!


San Francisco 039


We went to a raffle 2 nights in a row to get cheap tickets to see Wicked.  I was really disappointed when we didn’t get picked, but Andrew agreed to buy us tickets (even though they were considerably more expensive and we have already seen it once) and we got GREAT SEATS!  It was incredible. 




San Francisco 067




The Tonggs just happened to be in the Bay Area at the same time visiting some friends so we connected for dinner…

San Francisco 066



and had delicious sundaes late at night at Ghiradelli square.  Peanut butter chocolate sundae.  Mmmm.


There’s more, but I am sure you are done reading.  Thanks for letting me share my life with y’all.

I won, but I couldn’t celebrate

21 Jul

We have disneyland passes.  Andrew and I went this week for a date night and we went on his favorite ride: Toy Story.  It is a lot of fun.  Andrew likes the competition. 

Before the ride began, his exact words were “Get ready to get your A kicked.” (he actually did say the letter A).  But…Disneyland & TV 006



Thats my thumb on the left.  As you can see, my score is…. oh… its higher!



Disneyland & TV 007







Half way through the ride, when I was dancing and gloating, Andrew  said “If you keep doing that its not going to be fun for me.”

I guess the trash talk only goes one way. Part of learning my role as a wife. =)

At least there is fencing

20 Jul

I have never had cable.  Not when I was growing up, not since Andrew and I have been married.  I was always content with watching local channels and watching cable at hotels and friends’ houses.  We just never wanted to commit to one more monthly payment. 

So when all the channels switched over to digital TV, I had no problem getting the converter box to keep our local channels. 

BUT IT SUCKS!!  We actually lost a couple of channel, and when we do get others, it is hit or miss because there are weak signals.  But we did get a few new channels.   Lots of spanish and asian channels.  And the Universal Sports channel comes in sometimes.  Whoohoo. 

Disneyland & TV 008







All I can say is that I may not be able to watch American Idol next season, but at least I can watch fencing.

For the first time in my life I am willing to pay for cable.

One Summer Goal

18 Jul

One of the summer goals I made for myself was to be in a bathing suit at least 3 times a week.  I have actually been pretty good at fulfilling that goal. 

This week, I made it into the pool 4 times (2 of which were for exercise purposes but 2 birds with 1 stone – even better). 

Today we had a great time hanging out in our pool with the Tonggs.








Pool 2



Snacks, pool, and friends. Good times.




Its been a tough goal to achieve, but I am a dedicated and hard worker.

Have you Been to the Motor Vehicle Bereau?

14 Jul

Jerry: “So what percent of the population would you say is good looking?”

Elaine: “Mm… 75 percent?”

J: “No way.  Its like 4 to 6 percent.”

E: “No way.”

J:  “Have you been to the moter vehicle bereau?  Its a leper colony down there!”

E:  “So you’re saying that 95 percent of the population is undateable?”


E:  So how are all these people gettin’ together?”

J:  (Pause) “Alcohol?”

Just one of my favorite Seinfeld scenes I was reminded of today as I sat in the Social Security office.