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Africa, here we come!!

30 Oct

So its official.  Andrew and I signed our committment letters.  At this point, if we don’t raise the money by November 30th, two things happen: we don’t go and the money we DID raise goes toward the “team.”  Then its up to us to either say “sorry” or pay people back out of our own money.  So… here comes the request:  Please help send us to Africa!!

The first ever Sandals Worldwide East Africa Team consists of Me, Andrew, and Dawn Carter.  The three of us will be traveling to meet up with a family from our church (if you know who they are, please do not respond with names) who moved about a year ago.  Studies show that reality of moving to another country really starts to sink in at about he 1 year mark as people realize that ‘this really is home.’  It is at this time that a lot of people lose heart and return to their original home.  We want this family to feel empowered to do the work they feel God has called them to.  We are going to encourage, refresh, and basically do whatever we can for this family for a week and a half.

If you can’t go to Africa and want to help those who can, would you please consider supporting us?  We need to raise almost $4,000 each.  (Thats 8k for the mathematically challenged)  We are making our own financial sacrifices, but this is obviously a lot of money and we can’t do it alone.  I

If you would like to help you can donate online.  If the link doesn’t automatically work, you can paste it into your browser.  <a href=”“/a>

Thank you SOO MUCH!!

Did you know……

16 Oct

that the average human being will produce enough mucus in their lifetime to fill up 8 Olympic size swimming pools?

that if you were to go to one end of our galaxy, and call someone who is at the opposite end of our galaxy, once you hit ‘send’ it would take 75,000 years for the phone to ring?

that because of its long neck, the giraffe requires a tremendous amount of blood pressure to get blood to its brain? This means that when it would lower its head to drink, it would have a massive brain aneurysm and die but it has a sponge behind its brain to absorb the blood temporarily until it can raise its head upright again.

that the most common name in the world is Mohammad?

that elephants are the only mammals that can’t jump?

that the smallest bone in your body is found in your ear?

that many Asian cultures can hear musical tones that Americans can’t?

that the word “nerd” was coined by Dr. Seuss?

What other random facts do you know?

When I’m home alone

15 Oct

Alright, I am about to air my dirty and embarrassing laundry.  What do I do when I am home alone…

I sing Broadway songs in front of the mirror.  Andrew will sometimes come home and ask me what I’ve been doing all evening.  Umm… well, when I feel like singing (like I did tonight), I will easily kill an hour + in front of the mirror.  Sometimes its the good stuff, like songs from WICKED or RENT, but then every once in a while, a little “Star Spangled Banner” or “I will Always Love You” sneaks in. 

You might be saying to yourself “Thats not embarrassing.  You’re a singer.”  But really, if you walked in on me, you would laugh your *@&  off.  I don’t just sing, I act.  All the little lines, motions, and what nots are all done in front of the mirror.  I am perfecting my skills for the day when I cross of one of my life goals which is to audition for a Broadway show.  Those close to me know that I am a secret closet actress.  How can you be both secret and in the closet you ask?  Thats how secret it is.  I am especially good at dying scenes. 

But I digress.  I just pray no one ever walks in on me. 

What is your embarrassing, “I only do it when I’m alone” thing?  I know you have one.

What a week!

11 Oct

Right now I am eating trail mix and trying to get motivated to go to the gym.  I am so exciting.

Just food for conversation: what is the most boring thing you did this week?

I felt tough tonight

7 Oct


I went to an aerobics class tonight at the gym which I had not done in a really long time.  My friend Amanda was supposed to go with me but her sister was having a baby or something (whatever) so I went by myself.  It kicked my butt for most of it but I had fun.  I think I added another thing to my “what I want to be list.”  I think I’d make a pretty good aerobics instructor.  Arms up.  Breathe.  You can do it!

In the bag

Not the Announcement You’d Expect

5 Oct

So this post is me being very vulnerable with where I am at right now.  Here is the announcement:  I am not pregnant.  Was that wierd?  Let me back up a little bit and tell you about my whole gamet of emotions.

When Andrew and I got married we agreed on the “kids in 5 years” plan.  So far, after celebrating our 5 year anniversary in Sept., we have stuck to that plan very well.  I didn’t ever know how people come to the point where they are ‘ready’ to have kids.  I had always secretly hoped that it would just ‘happen’ so we wouldn’t have to make that decision.  Well, about 5 months ago, I think I came to that place.  But mostly I came to the place where I wanted to stop preventing pregnancy and give total control to God (the whole giving God to control is going to sound like a contradition…. right now)

So Andrew and I started trying to get pregnant (and enjoyed the practice ;). When we did, I genuinely prayed, saying “God I trust you.  I know your timing is better than mine.  I want kids when you want to give us kids.”  But I also asked HIm if He could make it happen this summer.  You see, my husband isn’t exactly climbing the corporate ladder and I, therefore, will have to be a working mom.  As a teacher, it would be PERFECT timing if I could have a baby somewhere around May, early June so that I could take my maternity leave and have the rest of the summer off with my kid.  This is what I wanted.  And since this was my desire and I was chasing after God with everything I had, I hoped He would answer this prayer.

He didn’t.  Just yesterday that very girly indicator that screams “You are not pregnant!!” came.  This month was our last month to still make “our perfect plan” a reality.

I still trust Him.  I still believe He has our best interest in mind.  I just don’t know what it is right now. 

So here’s where we are at:  Andrew and I have now definately decided that we are going to Africa in December.  The hold-up was wondering whether or not I was pregnant, because then I wouldn’t be able to take any malaria or other shots necessary to go East Africa.  Now that I am not, we are putting the baby thing on hold again until after we get back.  Which means trying again in January.  That seems like a long ways away.

I am sad.  But I still believe.