I felt so stupid

28 Jul

So… I love volleyball.  I played in High School and a bit in college.  I miss it.  Mike Tongg coaches at Ramona HS and has been asking me to come out and play with his team for awhile now and I finally did.  I have been having so much fun.

Besides Mike, I am definately the oldest one there (even with the other assistant coaches).  And even though I haven’t played court v-ball in a long time, I still felt like I had to prove myself a little bit.

The first day I actually suprised myself at how well I hit some of the balls after all this time.  Today was not a very impressive day.

We were just doing some hitting drills and my timing must have been off because I swung hard and missed the ball completely…. and the ball hit me in the face!  But thats not the worst part.  It happened TWICE!

Then later when I missed a serve, one of the players jokingly told me that I should try hitting it with my head.

Ha Ha.  Doesn’t she know that I am ‘words of affirmation’?

Not my finest hour but tomorrow I get back on the horse.

One Response to “I felt so stupid”

  1. Stephanie July 31, 2009 at 6:13 p07 #

    You know Becca, if you ever want to get some more court time in some of the college group leaders (and alums) are doing a co-ed league at the Grove. You’d be a star on our team!

    p.s. When I played in volleyball I swear my head attracted balls…

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