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3 more days

31 Dec

Today is Thursday.  I have 3 more days of freedom before I go back to work.  What is in my list to do before that happens?

Make set list for a Sunday service.  Take down Christmas decorations.  Facebook a friend.  Make return to Borders.  Workout. Laundry.  Mop floor.  Finish a book.  Practice guitar and voice.  Give self a pedicure/manicure.  All this while still milking my last few days of sleeping in.

Guess I better get off my computer and start some of this stuff.

You got a list?

Sugar, Anyone?

27 Dec

I have had way too much sugar during these Holi-days.   Today  I went a whole day without a treat to try and be good but just caved and had a bit of dark chocolate.

But dark chocolate is good for you, right?

Are you being bad or good this Christmas?


25 Dec

What do you and your family do to keep Christ the focus of this day?

Who woulda thought?

25 Dec

We eat a lot of chicken in the Boganwright house.

This purchase is a typical Costco staple.

Looks like a normal package of Foster Farms chicken, right?

Look closer……..

Do you see it? 

The long black hair.

I thought at first it was on the outside and did the whole “oh, its probably mine” thing.

But no.  This bad boy was frozen in the package.

This chicken was quickly returned to the great American warehouse store.

Still love Costco.

Heads will Roll!

24 Dec

This is our little “lawn ornament” some friends gave us a while back.

I think it is so cute. But a few days ago…..

the frog’s head fell off!  I don’t know what happened.


I know this is not super important or thought-provoking, but blog-worthy nonetheless.

A peek into my soul

22 Dec

I remembered what I did on that Wednesday night I blacked out a few posts ago.  I don’t know how I could have forgotten.  Angela Ferraro has this amazing gift she uses to empower Christian leaders. She calls it “God Eyes.”  I met with Angela for 4 hours the other week and she peeked into my soul with an incredible ability to help me come to a better understanding of how God has created me, thus being able to more fully fulfill my role in the Body of Christ.

One of the many things we discussed, my top 5 “StrengthsFinder” strengths.  It is a test to help you better understand what your strengths are so you can capitilize on what you have been blessed with rather than wishing you had someone else’s.

I operate best:

…as an Activator – Give me a vision and a few parameters, and I will make it happen.  Once an idea has been made known, why wait to implement?  What can we do right now to accomplish that dream?

…. in Significance – I do my best work in front of people because it pushes me to be the best I can be.  I need to feel that my work is significant, valuable, and I need to feel valued as well.

….as a Developer – one of my desires is to raise other people up and push them towards success in whatever capacity.  This is the  ‘teacher’ in me coming out.

….as a Communicator – this skill does me well considering I have to talk in front of our whole church and somehow communicate scientific ideals to 8th graders, most of whom could care less about science.  I understand that people in general have a short attention span and so what I have to say must be clear, concise, and memorable.  I am a story-teller as well as a communicator of science and teacher of worship.  I love to captivate “audiences” with my words.

….as a Relator – I get a “great deal of pleasure and strength” from being around my close friends.  My relationships, close friends or acquaintances,  are not valuable to me unless they are genuine.  I will seek to be sincere in my relationships and I expect the same from others. 

Have you taken the StrengthsFinder test yet?  What are your top 5?

Grumpy Becca

21 Dec

Let me just be real here:  I don’t get grumpy all that often except on Sundays after church.  I feel like I pour so much of myself out at the 3 services in the morning that once its over, all I want to do is go home.

Its wierd; I am cordial to people, I might even have a few conversations after the last service, but once I feel like its time to go, it is time to go.  I get very hungry and pretty grumpy.  Thats when I hit my wall; I am done.  Any time still at church after my “done” point feels like torture to me.

This poses as a problem when you are married to an awesome pastor who sometimes needs to stay late.  Sometimes he feels it is important to minister to people in need (please sense the sarcasm in my tone). 

It is then that I am conflicted.  Of course my feelings do not compare to this person’s need for prayer and consolation, but my patience is still gone at this point. 

I want him to feel free to minister to people without being torn by his impatient, hungry, emotional wife. 

We may have to start taking seperate cars.

I am listening to…

17 Dec

Celine Dion Christmas.  Don’t laugh.  I love Celine.  I get to practice my singing a lot when I listen to her.  She challenges me.

That is the CD in my car.  I don’t have an ipod adapter for my car so yes, I still listen to CD’s.  It is a pain to change it all the time so when I put in a CD it usually stays for a while.   

What is in your player right now?

Saved Dinner

16 Dec

The other night Andrew and I were making dinner and he set out to BBQ a steak on the grill. 

He came back in after a few and told me that he DROPPED THE DELICIOUSLY JUICY MARINATED STEAK! 

But, using his cat-like reflexes, he caught it against his leg before it hit the ground.

This is his reinactment of the momentous act.

Had to wash the pants but the steak was still good.

My hero.

Changing my ways

15 Dec

For years I washed my hair every day.  All through high school and college.  I just didn’t feel clean unless my hair was washed because it felt so oily to me. 

Then a few years ago my hair dresser told me that if I would stop washing my hair everyday, my hair would get used to it.  So I went to every other day, still using baby powder in my hair to make it less oily.  I have since found that it does in fact look better on the 2nd day.  It styles much better.

Lately, though, I have been challenging my previous habit and trying to only wash every 3 days.  

Today is day 3.  It means I have to get creative and wear it back, but I am loving not putting so much time into it.

I find that I will even try to plan my work-outs around my hair washing schedule (’cause if it gets sweaty it must be washed then).

Do you wash every day?