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Sometimes its my fault

13 Jan

This morning Andrew was frustrated because he was trying to get out of the house but first looking for the ipod charger cord so he could take the ipod on his workout.  I said the ipod was charged (which it was not) and that the charger cord was either in my computer bag or in a basket in the livingroom (which it was in neither place).

Needless to say, this made Andrew take time he did not have looking for something that was not there.  When he finally told me that he couldn’t find it, I immediately looked and pulled it out of another bag.  Oops.

He was gracious.  Sometimes its my fault

Being Married #101

11 Jan

I am far from the expert on being married.  If you are, I’d like to meet you.

Today Andrew and I had a bit of a communication issue.  I think we were just both tired.  It wasn’t a fight, but we definately weren’t eachother’s favorite person.  I don’t really know how to explain it.  I think we were just laying around the house for too long and got antsy.  A few minutes apart and taking a break worked like a charm.

Do you need to take a break or talk it out?

New Goal

3 Jan

Its not a resolution.  I don’t really like that word.  But last Sunday Pastor Nathan challenged the church to think of and write one goal, one change we need to make for the next year that will draw us closer to God.

Here’s mine:  I love reading novels, especially when they are true stories and I learn something about a person, a way of life, or a particular time period.  I struggle reading non-fiction Christian growth type books.  If it doesn’t have a story line, its just hard for me to get through.  BUT, just because its hard doesn’t mean its not good for me.

So, the goal I am setting for myself this year is that I will alternate each novel I read with one growth book.

Right now I am reading a memoir called “Name All the Animals” by Allison Smith (on loan from my good friend Holly Vanna Pip – thats not really her last name).

Next I plan to read “Blue Like Jazz” by Donald Miller.  Lots of people have told me great things about it.

Do you have a goal?  Something you need to change?