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Prego Journey Update

5 Jul

Its been a while, and since I had posted a series of fun blog posts, I decided it was time for a real update.

This month I got lax on doing the temperature taking, charting, fertility awareness thing. I think I may be done.  It is emotionally hard to pursue 2 avenues whole- heartedly: pregnancy and adoption. I feel like I only have the emotional energy for one.

So, Andrew and I have started taking steps towards pursuing adoption. Started paperwork through a very established and well-oiled organization called Bethany and went to an 8 hour orientation.  It wasn’t quite what we had expected and so we felt like our pursuit has come to a bit of a halt.

Physically we haven’t done much since then but God has been bringing people to us to give us confirmation and amazing information about how to exactly step into this journey.  After a crucial conversation with a great couple we got connected with while in DC, Andrew and I have opened our sights a bit wider: when we weren’t open to international adoption previously, we now are.

When we got home from DC, we were told from a friend that she had a sister’s friend’s mom’s cousin’s neice (exaggerating) who was pregnant with twin boys and was interested in meeting with us about adoption. So after imagining for a few days what is would be like to have twins, I  found out she is thinking she is keeping them.  I can’t imagine the turmoil of trying to decide to give up my children so I definately do not fault this girl, but it did make me think: “so starts the up and downs of the adoption process.”

So here goes: we want to adopt.   Not only do we want our family to grow, but we feel like this is the direction God is leading us. We are called to take care of orphans and we have an opportunity now to fulfill this calling. 

Prayer ideas: pray for direction, for God to perform a miracle so great that He and He alone gets glory through our story, for this to happen quickly (that is my selfish one), and for the mother who decides she loves her child enough to give them away.


Gormet Dessert

4 Jul

About a month ago, a friend had a dinner party for her birthday. I was in charge of a gormet dessert.  In case you didn’t know, I’m not really a gormet kind of girl, but I decided I was up for the challenge.

Here was the product:

Kahlua brownies, strawberries, whipped cream with dark chocolate shavings in a chocolate drizzled glass.

I don’t like to toot my own horn, but………



Saturn’s Last Day

3 Jul

Returning from DC (after delayed fight, missing connecting flight, standby to another airport, calling friends to pick us up in the middle of the day), we finally made it home only to realize we had to drop our bags off and drive to Redlands for a chiropractor appointment.  On the way……..old faithful started puttering.

Yep.  Thats the saturn on the back of the tow truck.

Got towed back to Riverside to a mechanic, got picked up from another friend, and then got a call the next day….

after 9 faithful years, the Saturn is done.  The cost to fix would be more than the car is worth.

Torn. I hated this car.  But it is paid off and I can’t bargain with that blessing.

Now its time to search for a new faithful.  We may be a one-car family for a while.

DC glory part 2

2 Jul

Quality time with friends at Mount Vernon (George Washington’s estate) was so incredible. Robin and I talked about how we usually wait for the kids to be smiley to take pics, but this is real life, right?  I love that the 3 year old is melting down in this one.

Touring the Capital Building was definately a highlight.  This is the star – the very center of the building, which means it is the center of Capitol Hill – the starting point where all major streets in DC converge. 


Best part?  Spending an entire week doing life with my best friend.

We was like peas and carrots again.


DC in all its glory

1 Jul

We figured out the Metro system when we got off the plane.  Loved getting around the city like this.

World War II Memorial (breakthtaking) and Washington Monument. We spend several days at the National Mall… Smithsonian, Lincoln, Vietnam, Korean War, Jefferson Memorials.  All incredible.Prof baseball game – Washington Nationals – with the BFF and kids.