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Another one for the Teachers

28 Sep

So we just had another “specialist” come in and talk to our staff about creating lessons that will promote higher level thinking from Bloom’s (if you don’t know what that is, you are not in education).  It inspired today’s lesson to review for tomorrow’s test.

I folded a piece of paper into 12 squares and put an answer to a test question in each square.  There were two sets of papers – an A and a B set.  So I gave the students the answers and they had to come up with the questions on the back in the corresponding square.  Then they cut out the squares and used them as flash cards to quiz someone else.  The students with the A worksheet quizzed those with the B worksheet and vice versa. 

Hope this isn’t too confusing.  It was actually a really great way to get them thinking hard.  One student asked “Wouldn’t it just be easier if you gave us the question and we had to find the answer?” 

My reply:  “Yes, yes it would.”

We said Goodbye

28 Sep


This picture is 5 days overdue.  I wanted to post it Sunday night when we actually saw the Whittakers last but there were issues with my camera.  So this was our last night at the Whittaker home.  Saying goodbye was bittersweet.  Andrew and I are so excited for what God is doing in their lives, but we are so sad to see them go.  Even sadder (more sad?) that we won’t get to you guys when you come home for Christmas.

Hawaii…… the Whittakers…… We love you guys, but….. come on. =)

I will cherish this picture. 


23 Sep

We went out of town this weekend for a retreat for the leaders of the college group.  We hiked, played games, ate way too much.  It was awesome.  Pics would have been nice, I know, but I have a really bad habit of taking my camera places and then not using it.

So it is now Sunday afternoon.  After having a full day on Saturday, then leading worship, I am totally wiped.  Somewhere I’ll find the energy to do it for one more service this evening.

But, nonetheless, I took the amazing opportunity to babysit the Whittaker kids while Heather ran a last minute errand.  They are leaving for Georgia tomorrow.  Anything I can do to hang out with this family before tomorrow, I’ll take it.  I am going to miss them so much. 

And the night ended with a song in a coffee shop

19 Sep

Thats just it.  I sang in a coffee shop tonight.  I’ve never done that before.

So Andrew and I went out to dinner with our good friends, Abe (NOTW designer) and Rowena Hernandez and their son.  We ended up in Coffee Depot in the Plaza on open mic night.

After a few singers, Abe decided it would be a good idea for me to do a song and wrote my name down on the list.  Reluctantly, I decided it was worth taking a chance and I borrowed a guitar.  I sang a song I had written for my husband for his birthday; “My Favorite Everything” (cause he’s my favorite).

It was spur of the moment and I was actually more nervous when I was finished.  Definately out of my comfort zone.  The owner/manager invited me back to every open mic night he knew of in Riverside.

New experience.  Not Bad.

Totally a teacher post

19 Sep

This post will probably mean nothing to you, unless you are a teacher.  But here goes:

Teaching Jr. High means I always need to come up with creative ways to keep my students engaged.  One of the things I value as an educator is teaching my students academic skills they will use for the rest of their life.  For example, I am fully aware that 90% of my students will forget the names of the Periodic Table groups, and the mathmatical formula for acceleration as soon as June hits.  So, I want them to walk away from my class with stuff besides book knowledge.  Like learning how to write an outline, using the index, and focusing on the important stuff when reading a textbook.

So for the last few days we have been reading from the book and talking outline notes.  I do what I can to keep the students engaged.  They get points if when I call on them at random they can pick up where we left off within 3 seconds.  They get to write the notes on my tablet PC.  Things like that.  But even with these little techniques, note-taking is not the funnest (sorry, most fun) lesson I’ve ever implemented.

Teachers:  any great lessons or tips for reading and taking notes?

Did you ever have a great teacher/professor that made this stuff interesting?

Not Me

18 Sep

American Idol Logo So in my last post I stated that I did audition for American Idol in August.  Yes I did, and no, I didn’t make it through the first round.

Here’s how it works:  20,000 people show up to Qualcomm Stadium and sit there for 12 hours (at least I did) and sing for a producer for 15 seconds.  Out of those 20,000 they choose MAYBE 100.  And out of that 100, they have to choose the crazies.  I saw a mime, a sombrero, two 300+ pound girls, and a hot girl in a bikini (shady, I know) make it through.  There were so many amazing singers there.  So….. when the next season of American Idol rolls around, just remember:  Its a little more about the ratings than it is about finding a good singer.

Will I still watch it?

Oh yeah.

Yes, this is my 3rd post today

14 Sep


Just wanted to share.  Isn’t he cute?

Patty – awesome

14 Sep

I wanted to share this video for a few reasons: 

1.  LoriJo reminded me how much I like Patty Griffin

2.  I auditioned for American Idol this summer (thats a whole other post. No, I didn’t make it through the first round.  If you know anything about it, its a little shady) and I sang this song.  NO ONE I talked to knew who Patty Griffin was or had heard of this song.  Shame.

3.  This is the best video I found of her playing this song, but it cuts off the best part.  Anyone find one better?

Insecurity vs. Humility

14 Sep

So, as I have posted previously, I have definately felt the emotional weight of my new resposibilites as a worship leader lately.  Last Sunday morning I woke up thinking, “Me?  I am SO not the right person for this job.”  Then all the reasons why I’m not the right person goes running through the brain.

You’re not the best singer at the church.   You didn’t wake up early enough to read your bible today.   You spent more time on what you looked like today than you did preparing your heart to worship.  Why are you the leader?

Then I went to church:  Pastor Matt talked about leading not because you the most qualified but because it is God who works through those who lead.   Even though He may have gifted someone to be an amazing leader, God’s greatness is only perfected through those who realize they can’t do it on their own and rely on Him.  

This brings me to my point: There is a fine line between insecurity and humility that I need to continue to learn.  Insecurity about the gifts God has given me keeps me from using them and allowing Him to work through me.  Humility is what recognizes that whatever gifts I do have, I have because God has given them to me.  And if God thought to give me a gift, I can do nothing but allow Him to work. 

I must step aside and admit:  No, I’m not the perfect singer, the most spiritual, or the best worship leader there is, but for whatever reason, I’ve been put in a place of leadership.  And if God thought well enough of me to give me such a blessing, I can’t let my insecurities cloud the awesome ability God has to work through me if I simply make myself available to be used. 

Its too good

12 Sep

Trail Mix

I’m supposed to eat dinner in 15 minutes, but I can’t stop eating this stuff while I blog. 

Trader Joe’s

Can’t beat it.