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My zipper was down

27 Feb

With my computer on my lap, I just looked down and noticed that my zipper was afraid of heights.  This does not happen to me very often because I am usually an obsessive zipper-checker.

Especially on Sundays.  Even if I am wearing a shirt that covers my pants, I still check like 3 times whenever I use the restroom and then again when I am walking on stage. 

Are you an obsessive zipper-checker like me?  Should you be?

My Happy Place

26 Feb

One of the presents Andrew gave me for my birthday was 2 tickets to Sea World.  On our way back from our Mexico vacate, we took the day to stop in San Diego and visit one of my favorite places. 

I know that every kid wants to be a killer whale trainer when they grow up, but I was really serious about it.  My first year of college, I even declared my major as marine biology.  I gave up the dream when I realized that it was more practical to pursue a career that didn’t require me living only in one particular city (although I wouldn’t cry if I was called to live in San Diego).  I wanted to be able to get a job wherever my future husband did. 

God obviously had different plans for me because I never went to college in San Diego (but I did try out for the volleyball team and visit Point Loma a few times). 

But when I go back to Sea World, I am still jealous.  One of the things at the top of my life list is to touch Shamu.

They picked some little girl to touch him instead. 


I mean, really, who wouldn’t want this job?

Although, it would be a drag to come home smelling like fish everyday after work.

But I got to pet the next best thing:  the dolphins.

The amazing minds at Sea World have come up with another way to make loads of money.

For $6, they give you 3 small fish that will almost guarentee that a dolphin will come close enough to pet.  I have done this before but it never gets old. 

Getting this close to a walrus is also pretty great.

This place never gets old for me.  This is where I turn into a little kid. 

Whenever I come here, I inevitably start re-evaluating my life and trying to figure out how I can start training to pass the swim test to become a trainer…. then Andrew talks me down. 

I’m not every going to be a killer whale trainer, but at least we got tickets to go back as many times as we want for free for the rest of the year!!  Woohoo!!

Graffiti prevention fail

25 Feb



24 Feb

Over the 4 day weekend, Andrew planned a vacation for us.  I have never been to Mexico for vacation, so we booked some time at one of our time share resorts. 

It was awesome.  We had no agenda. 

The resort backed up to the cliff overlooking the beach.

Andrew made me breakfast every morning.

Does this picture look smokey?  Thats because the smoke alarm got set off every morning.  =)

But breakfast was delicious

We hung out by the pool

On Valentine’s Day we found a ‘not so crowded’ restaurant (that was an understatement because we were the only ones there), the was serving $20 steak and lobseter and a free margarita for their V-day special.

The company was at least amazing.  =)  Food?  Eh.

Watched a few sunsets.

I loved having some down time with my husband.  We couldn’t even use our phones.  It was great.

I am growing

23 Feb

I love being in the classroom with my students, but eventually, I would like to teach teachers.  So, when my principal asked me about 2 months ago if I wanted a student teacher, I gladly accepted.

I have heard stories from other teachers about their student teacher experiences (as I never had one.  My first year I worked at a private school while finishing up my credential) and many people have said that their master teacher simply gave them the reigns and relaxed while they did all the work.

This is the opposite of me. 

Before this experience, I wouldn’t have thought of myself as someone who NEEDS the control.  But I have learned something about how I work:  I am a good teacher because I have control of my classroom and students.  Giving up that control to someone else (who is motivated, but less experienced) is somewhat of a challenge for me.

Here’s the bottom line:  I am responsible for my students’ learning and test scores, whether I am the one teaching them or not. 

So how am I balancing this?  I am still figuring it out but getting better.  My responsibility is to 2 groups of people:  my students, and my student teacher.  If I never release control to her, she won’t learn either. 

Its different than what I am used to, but I am definately growing.

What do you use?

22 Feb

I am in the market for a new hair straightner.  I am okay with spending a little money, as long as it is going to last a long time. 

I know some of the good straightners can run over $100.  That is a little steep for me, but I still want a good one.

Any suggestions?

The last of it

21 Feb

My parents are great.  A few years ago I realized something about my mom:  I am pretty sure her love language is ‘acts of servce,’ specifically when it involves food.  My mom shows you she loves you by feeding you, and you show love back by eating her food.

Since my mom is a pretty delicious baker, showing her love is pretty easy. =)

So when my my birthday came last month, my mom and dad drove all the way down from Fresno for the purpose of bringing me my birthday cake.

Seriously, only mom would drive 4 hours to bring someone chocolately goodness.

And this is the last of it.

I enjoyed my cake. 

Sad when the last bite was gone.

Love my mom.