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School Started

27 Aug

So I started work again on Monday.  After having my first summer where I didn’t work at a restaurant or teach summer school, I think I decided that I could not work for the rest of my life and be just fine.  My students have been good, but then again they are still afraid so no behavior problems yet.  I am pretty tired just trying to get back into the swing of things.  Thats where I am at.

Today, I… um…

21 Aug

…fell.  My first day back in my classroom I was walking on the counter to work on my bulletin boards and my foot slipped.  Had to file a workman’s comp report.  I think this is the worst bruise I have ever had. 

What do you think?  Pretty, huh?

My Last Day of Freedom

20 Aug

So I am going back to my classroom to start setting it up today.  Ho Hum.  I am officially working again.  My summer break went by way too fast.  Not that my summer was unproductive.  I actually did a lot that I am proud of:

– took an Astronomy class and got an A

– went to IKEA and spent way too much money decorating the house

– helped Pastor Neal start writing his book

– won $500 in a singing competition

– sang backup in an R&B band

– went to Florida and Atlanta with Andrew

– did a few projects around the house

Thats all I can think of right now.  Pretty productive.  What is your favorite thing you did this summer?

Happy Birthday, Andrew

19 Aug

If you didn’t already know, August 18th is my hubby’s birthday.  This, ironically enough, is also his brother’s birthday (they are exactly 3 years apart).  He turned the ripe ol’ age of 29 today.  I love this man!

“Mom, its the winner!”

15 Aug

Today I went to the church office and Alexis Parsio saw me, turned and ran away into the other room.  Then I heard “Mom, its the winner!”  Neal and Jen were a bit confused until I walked into the room.  It was really cute.  So…. yep.  I won the singing competition.  I think that whether or not I was the best singer could be debated, but I definately had a few people there to support me.  I felt incredibly loved and had a great time.   I was pretty nervous for the first song, but then Brittany Richey gave me some great advice:  “you’ve worked hard before this, now its just time to have fun.”  And I did. So, thank you so much for coming out.  I had a blast. 

It was awesome that these girls made signs.  One said “Becca Rools.”  I should have kept it.


I don’t think I’ve gotten a trophey since the 4th grade.  I thought that was pretty funny. 



(Thanks for letting me steal your pics, Daniel.  I forgot my own camera)

It has come to this

13 Aug

Once we got back to Riverside, Andrew had to go back to Kaiser’s ER to get things checked out.  The doc had to cut his knee open and get a bunch of junk out.  Poor guy is on crutches now.  Please pray for quick healing.  If you know him at all, you know how much he hates not being able to be active.

The Finals

12 Aug

The finals of the singing competition is this Wednesday night at Fairmount Park.  If you got an email from Andrew saying it started at 6:30, please make an adjustment:  IT STARTS RIGHT AT 6:00.  All are invited.  Bring a blanket, chairs, some food, and hang out.  Please come!!!!