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I went to cheer camp

11 Jul


Yes, thats right.  I went to cheer camp Thursday and Friday.  I was never a cheerleader so I felt a bit out of my element.  Why did I go?

This is my best friend Robin below with the whistle.  She is the cheer coach for my alma mater (Fresno Christian) and they were at my other alma mater (Azusa Pacific) at cheer camp. So I went to hang out with her and see what she does.


I don’t know much, but after these last few days, I know what makes a good toe-touch =)

I was reminded again how much I love hanging out with youth kids in a “school setting” without having to be the teacher.  If it wasn’t for the schedule, I would totally be a coach (just not for cheer.  I can barely touch my toes)

Besides getting a few minutes of my best friend’s time, my favorite part was when I heard the squad yell their “pre-cheer” (thats what they yell instead of “Go Team” before they are about to perform).  They very precisely got in a huddle, hands in the center and yelled…. with spirit…. “JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!”

And I smile.

I don’t know what God is doing

6 Jul

I don’t know what God is doing, but I am up for whatever.  Today in service Pastor Nathan talked about the power we have in Jesus and read the verse from John 14 when Jesus told His disciples that they would do the same and even greater things than Him [because they would receive the Holy Spirit when He left].  We followed the sermon by singing the words “the same power that conquered the grave lives in me.”  These are intense words that make me uncomfortable because it calls me to so much more in my life.

What is God wanting to do through me that I have been stifling because I simply don’t believe He can do great things through me?  What would my life look like if I genuinely woke up everyday knowing that the Spirit’s power is working in me?

Today 2 people obeyed God and blessed me.  At 2 seperate services, 2 women came to me in tears, telling me that they were scared but just felt they needed to listen to God and pray for me, both about getting pregnant. One woman, without even knowing my name asked, “Are you wanting to be pregnant?” 

My response?  “Um… lets have a seat.”

I don’t know what God is doing.  I don’t know why he sent 2 strangers to me today to pray for me. 

To these women, thank you for listening to God today.  You were used and I was blessed.

July 4th

4 Jul

I have 3 requirements for my 4th of July.  Get in a pool at some point in the day and watch fireworks in the sky.  The sparklers are cool but I need to see some real fireworks.  I also need to hear “Proud to be an American” at least once.  Preferably during the fireworks show.

Today Andrew and some friends rode their bikes down to the beach and the girls picked them up.  Thought we would spend some time down there on the beach and eat but it was WAY too crowded.  Instead, we found a nearby park (not crowded at all) and had a picnic.  Good times, but as of 3:00pm I have not yet achieved any of my July 4th requirements.  Hopefully by the end of the day.

What did you do for the 4th?

This has been a wierd month

2 Jul

About 6 months ago I wrote a post that described my up and down internal struggle with the whole pregnancy thing.  To recap: Andrew and I started trying to get pregnant last summer; didn’t happen.  Put a pin in that plan when we decided to go to Africa due to the shots I had to take, then had to wait 3 months afterward to get it all out of my system, started trying again in March. 

Since March I have been in a much better place.  Genuinely putting our fate with having kids into God’s hands and trusting His timing for our marraige and our future family and I hadn’t really given too much of my emotions to it.  But June was a different month.

For some reason, I secretly really believed that I was pregnant.  And the wierd thing was, Andrew did too.  Even though it would have been too early for me to know for sure, I started being careful about my caffeine, when we went on vacation, I didn’t have a drink, I didn’t take ibuprophrin when I had a headache, etc. 

I never had any of the normal clues or signs that I was pregnant, but I did notice that I wasn’t sleeping normally, I didn’t feel like eating how I normally do.  AND, I have had several people in the last few weeks say “I feel like you are pregnant.  Are you pregnant?”  Wierd, right?  That doesn’t normally happen.  I started to believe it. 

But, the lunar cycle made a full circle and a new month has started.  I woke up this morning with the tell-tale sign that I am infact, not pregnant. 

Am I sad?  Yeah.   Did my eyes just well up when I wrote that?  Yeah. 

But, I told God “whatever” He wanted to do with me and I meant it. 

He knows.

No American Idol

1 Jul

So the first few hours of being at the Rose Bowl was actually not that bad.  But then the sun came out and there was no where to find shade.  What can I say about the day?…..

When the American Idol staff finally got to our section, (the 3rd to last section, or so we thought) they decided to go out of the normal order they had been going all day.  They let the final 2 groups go before us which put our section at the VERY END!  Out of 11,000 people who auditioned yesterday, I would estimate that there were only 50 people behind me when I finally got to the “judges.”  Yes, thats right.  I was number 10,950 to audition.  So you can imagine how bored the judges are of hearing singers all day long at this point.

4 of us from the worship team auditioned:  Me, Eddie Culin, Savannah Pluim, and Melissa Barrett.  None of us passed.  But when the season starts, look for the girl in the gold spandex with the hool-a-hoop.  She made it through.

Overall, even though it was a long day, we had a good time hanging out with eachother.  I am glad I tried it one more time.

The only part that is sad to me is knowing that I am now too old to try out again.  I am TOO OLD!  Sad.

Thanks for your support and encouragement.

By the way, I ended up singing “You Oughtta Know” by Alanis Morisette