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Blur of a Weekend

27 Oct

So this was our crazy, but overall very fun weekend:

Andrew and I left midday Friday to pick up brother in Orange County and drive to Fresno.  Got to the “No around 5, had 1st dinner with the in-laws, then 2nd dinner at our friend’s 30th birthday party.  Happy B-day Jacinda.  I got to see Heather Whittaker which was really fun, and catch up with some other peps I hadn’t seen in quite some time. 

Woke up Sat morning and ran 11 miles with my BFF, Robin.  Showered and drove to Bay Area for Andrew’s cousin’s wedding (I love fancy weddings.  Amazing food, tons-o-fun). 

Drove back to Fresno Sat night after the wedding.  Got there at 1 am.  Woke up at 5 am to come back to Riverside for church.

Back to work Monday.  Sad when the weekend wears you out more than your work week but totally worth it.

Instructions Fail

20 Oct

Blogging 032

I bought these individually packaged Tilapia fillets and decided to cook tonight.  As I read the cooking instructions I saw this….


but I don’t want to dip my fillet in the floor.

Do you think the quality of the marketing for this product reflects the quality of the meat?

Tasted good to me.

I’ve heard of it, but never seen it…

18 Oct

…until last FridayDisneyland









We actually could not get into Disneyland.  Not the parking lot was full.  The whole park!! 

Thats a lot of people.  I was just fine driving away from the Happiest Place on Earth.

So Bummed

17 Oct

I went for another run today.  Blogging 030

My new, amazing, fairly expensive shoes are giving me a blister.  Originally I thought it was from when we went dancing but it came back after my run.

It is really amazing that something so small can almost keep you from exercising.

I think I have run on them too much to take them back.  What do I do?


16 Oct

Let me just say that there are many times that I feel inadequate, particularly in the music arena.  I know I can sing, but there is still so much I don’t know.  There is so much about singing I can improve on;  so much about music I wish I knew but don’t. 

I am surrounded with unbelievable musicians and sometimes it just makes me feel inadequate.

In some regards, the inadequacy feeling is good.  It pushes me to learn more.

My role as a worship leader at Sandals is different than those at other churches.  At most churches the worship leader chooses the set list, arranges the songs, and is in charge of the musicians.  Although I sometimes have input in the songs we sing, I don’t do any of those things on a regular basis.  In a way its kind of nice.  I can focus my attention toward the congreation and concentrate on how God wants me to lead.   

Downfalls:  There are just some limitations on leading when I can’t necessarily lead the band as well.

But I am being pushed to grow in my musicianship which I appreciate.  Tonight I am leading one of the songs for band practice.  I mean, I am running the rehearsal for this particular song.  I am excited to have been given the chance to do this but also a little nervous. 

Good nervous.

I Have Decided

14 Oct

I have decided that during this waiting time when Andrew and I are hoping for kids, I am going to enjoy life without them.

Let me explain.  I can’t change our circumstances.  Only God can.  So focusing on what is not will only frustrate me more.   God revealed something to me a long time ago that gave me (and continues to give me) so much peace.  I cannot tell the future. I cannot change what I cannot control.   God did not give us humans that ability.  And trying to do either one of those will simply offer chaos, frustration, and confusion.  My God is not the author of these things.

I decided that I cannot keep going through the grief stages every month.  I have chosen peace.

What does that mean for me right now?  I have decided to enjoy life now.

I will enjoy being able to take a nap whenever my schedule permits.  I will enjoy being able to have coffee, lunch meat, and soft cheeses and not feel guilty about it.  I will enjoy having date night and going to the movies spontaneously.  I will enjoy thinking of my students as my “kids” and my ministry.  I will enjoy being able to go to band practice early and stay late, to go to the studio on a whim to help a friend record his album, to be able to stay a few more minutes at work to get something done, to give all of myself as a worship leader for 4 services on Sundays without running back and forth to flip flops.  I will enjoy time with my husband!

Do I still want children?  Absolutely!  We will keep trying.  I think I am even at the point of calling a doctor.  But during this time, I have chosen to consider what I have a blessing.

“Babe, put the camera down. I have to pee”

12 Oct

Blogging 021

While Andrew could not get up from the hospital bed, I was in charge of helping him pee. 

Before I could do that, however, you know I had to take a picture. 

I was a little afraid it was going to overflow. 

(BTW….whats wrong with my neck?) 

Blogging 023


This is where he was for 5 hours. 

Andrew did awesome today.  He is feeling really good.



Blogging 026


These are his stem cells on their way to possibly save someon’es life. 

We are really excited.

Thanks for all your prayers.