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The Best Suprise

27 Sep

I got to hang with my BFF. 

Fresno Reunion Pics 051







I got a text on Thursday night at band practice that Robin and Mike were passing through So Cal and wanted to stay the night.  They showed up at midnight and we stayed up talking for a while. 

Then she came to my classroom Friday and we had lunch together.   We hadn’t talked in a month because our schedules are so opposite.  Oh, how I have missed her.

Didn’t get much sleep, but it was totally worth it.

Oh so glad

26 Sep

I am so glad it is Friday.  Was this the longest week ever?  Just me? Ok.  I think on Tuesday I started wondering when Friday was going to come.  I am glad it is here.

Tonight was awesome.  We had our first church gathering at our new Sandals building.  I sat back for a bit with tears in my eyes to just watch our church (Andrew estimated about 800 people) bought into the Sandals vision, worshipping God in our new building.  It was hot, loud, and uncomfortable.  But it was great!!

A good ending to a long week.

To all those who came out, thanks for being a part.  I love our church.

My Purpose

22 Sep

One thing I think God has been stirring in my heart lately is my purpose as a teacher.  I went to the Women of Faith conference and what I took away from it had nothing to do with anything related to the conference.  It was when they talked about the teen girls conference, Revolve. 

They shared a few very scary but very real statistics about teens today:  over 30% of teens have sent sexually explicit or nude photos of themselves through text.  Over 70% of all teens have sex before the age of 17. 

My thoughts immediately went to my students, specifically, the girls. 

When I was in Jr. High, even though I didn’t always believe it, going to youth group gave me Truth.  I always knew deep down that I didn’t need to have sex to get someone to like me.  I knew that I could stand up to peer pressure.  I knew that Jesus loved me and that He created me and had a plan for me.

So many of my students don’t have that truth.  So how do I give it to them?

God forbid my students leave my classroom this year and say “What I learned in Mrs. Boganwright’s class was the math formula to calculate the speed of an object.”

I am wresting with the idea that I come into contact with 170 teenagers every day.  What am I doing with that time? 

Do I have to meet the state standards?  Do I have to accomplish my 2 part objective in 55 minutes?  Do I have to check all their planners, collect homework, check for understanding, differentiate my instruction, manage a room of 35 pre-adolescents, all while keeping them engaged and making them excited about learning?  YES. 

But God has still called me to more than all this.

How do I do it?  Not quite sure yet.  But, per the advice of a very wise friend, I have started praying for God to bring me the ones He has already started to work in and provide the opportunity.

Thats all I got right now.

I knew I liked her

20 Sep

Alright, I admit it.  I am a closet Beyonce fan.  After I saw Dreamgirls I realized how talented she is.  Then I saw what she did for Taylor Swift at the VMA awards and I liked her even more.  That was classy.

PS.  If you didn’t hear what happened, Taylor Swift was the first country artist to win a VMA award and Kanye West ran up on stage and ruined her acceptance speech.  Sad day.  Beyonce, instead of talking about herself for 5 minutes when winning her own award, gave Taylor her moment back.

I tried to embed the video but couldn’t so you can check it out here if you want.

So much, so much

19 Sep

We have so much to do today.  I am sitting here on the couch in my bathing suit and towel because I really want to work out a bit  and get in the pool.  But then I got distracted by my computer.  (I am sure that never happens to you).

I want to get it done because today is Saturday, my only day off, but it doesn’t feel like much of a day off.

Today we have a friend moving, 2 birthday parties and a wedding to go to. 

And my house definately needs some love.  Don’t think I am getting to that today.

These are all great things and I am excited about all the people we get to hang out with, its just that I am a little bit on the introverted side and a day like today gives me a little bit of anxiety. 

Do you thrive on days like today or do they wear you out?

Something you may not know about me

16 Sep

This definately may be TMI for you, but since my blog is all about me voluntarily letting my own cats out of the bag, I figured there was something else I ought to confess: 

I am a zit popper.

Actually, I am more than a zit popper, I am a pore squeezer.  When we were in high school, my best friend Robin taught me how to sit on the counter with my feet in the sink so I could get up close to the mirror for the best view possible. 

I don’t sit on the sink anymore, but I do still get my face an inch from the bathroom mirror to get junk out of my nose. 

I chalk it mostly up to my love for anatomy/phys.  I like stuff to come out.  I like it when I get good wax out of my ears. If Andrew has a pimple on his back, I am all over it.  I have even in the last few years started to pluck Andrew’s really thick beard hairs (I know, I married a good man).  But you know it is bad when you have “youtubed” zit popping.  That was a little much, even for me.

Andrew hates it when I over-squeeze because it makes the skin on my nose flakey, but I can’t stop!  I can seriously say that this is my addiction.

Don’t judge me.  I know there are thousands of zit poppers out there too.

Are you a popper?

2 of my Loves

15 Sep

I realized that I have never blogged about 2 of the loves of my life…

my nephews.Fresno Reunion Pics 033


This is Corbin and Caleb. 

I don’t have kids of my own but I imagine that this is what love for your own children is like. 


They live in Fresno along with the rest of my family. 

I love every chance I get to see them.  I wish I was better at calling.

Work out much?

10 Sep

I know its only the beginning of the year, but I am loving my students right now.  They are doing so great and I am actually really excited about how the school year has been going so far.

Although the waking up part is still interesting.

I think the thing I am mourning about my summer the most is being able to work out as much as I did.  During the summer I could basically work out whenever I wanted.  Now its so much harder to make it all fit. 

A friend said he could get me his copy of P90X. I want that so bad.

Do you work out regularly?  What is your routine?

If I was wishing for stuff…

5 Sep

Cayucus and Fresno Family 011


…I’d wish to be at 2 places at once.

I am missing out today.

This is my sweet cousin, Jocelyn.  She is getting married today… in Nebraska.

My family is there now and I am missing a very special day.  I am sad that I will not be there the celebrate with her.  I am sad that I am missing time spent with the family that I love so much.

I was supposed to go.  We had our plane tickets and everything.  Then I found out that the Sandals Christmas album was going to be recorded on the same day.

After much deliberation and some amazing encouragement from my parents, Andrew and I decided to stay. 

Even though I am excited about being a part of the Sandals worship team’s first album, I still feel torn.  But I would have felt that way if I went to the wedding, too.

This is when my dream super-power of teleporation would come in very handy.

Thats so 90’s

5 Sep

I wanted to work out tonight, but I also didn’t feel like going to the gym.  So I just thought I’d work out at home.  Usually when I do this I find some aerobics stuff online but I left my computer plug at school.

So I busted out the ol’ Taebo VHS and got motivated by Billy Blanks. 

Taebo 005







Taebo 007



All I can think of whenever I see this video is…. what is up with this outfit?

I just think its a little wrong that I can see his nipples coming out of the top of his shirt.