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Home from Houston

30 May

We made it! We got 21 students to Texas and brought 21 back. That in and of itself means the trip was a success. =)

Most of the pics I took are of my students that I won’t post on my blog but here are a few that I can….

this is one of NASA’s rocket scientists (yes, I said rocket scientist) that taught us about rocketry and showed the students how to make their own rockets. Then we went outside and had a little rocket launching contest.

The other teachers getting in on the rocket making activity.

Along with someone from the robotics department, we also had a few peeps come teach us about how the spacesuits work. This is a real working spacesuit desgined for an astronaut’s EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity) also known as a “space walk.”

One of the most asked questions about astronauts is about how they go to the bathroom.  Here is is…

This toilet costs $100,000. The white bars on the sides come up and sit on top of one’s legs to keep them down on the toilet. The toilet uses suction to pull “stuff” in. Then, eventually, the “stuff” gets released into space.

So the next time you feel a random drop of rain….. =)

Then we visited NBL, the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, where astronauts train under water on a a mockup model of the International Space Station to learn what it is like in a micro gravity environment.

This is the world’s largest swimming pool  200 x 60 feet and 40 feet deep. There is so much water pressure that NASA is afraid of ever draining the pool because it is very possible that the walls might collapse.

I loved it but was exhausted when we got home. I slept for 10 hours and didn’t leave my house the day after.

Almost there

12 May

So taking my students to Houston in 2 weeks!!

I got the plane tickets in the mail the other day which was really exciting because it made it very real.

Been working really hard to get things together like care packages for the students, print up directions so we know where we are going once we get to Houston (driving rental vans), making packing list for the kids………..

Busy but so excited!

Cashing In

11 May

Over my spring break I cashed in on one of Andrew’s birthday presents to me… a spa day with massage at a winery in Temecula.

We got massages and then had a cabana by the pool reserved just for us.

Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries….

lunch on the balcany…

It was an amazing day.

Good job, Andrew.

First Meeting

10 May

I can’t remember what the last ‘prego-journey’ update was so I will just quickly say that Andrew and I have definately decided to move forward with pursuing the adoption process.

We are starting paperwork through a private Christian organization called Bethany and plan to adopt domestically. At this point we are requesting a baby that is a year or younger.

We have our first orientation meeting with the Bethany peeps this week where our first large payment will be due in order to start our secondary application.

We are moving forward, trusting God will provide the funds. He always does.

That was wierd…

9 May

Sorry. I posted that last one in a hurry and never went back to my site. I don’t know what happened. 

Lets try that again.

Our newest obsession is….

Fresh squeezed OJ.

We only have a manual juicer but it makes great juice.

Um.  We will never go back to buying OJ in a carton

Our Newest Obsession

3 May