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Tough Week

30 Nov

So this has been kind of a tough week.  I had a whole week off of work for Thanksgiving break and the first week back is always a hard one.  It takes a lot of effort to get the students back into the swing of things.  My voice is tired.  If you could pray for me before Sunday, I’d really appreciate it.  Talking all week, then leading worship sometimes pushes my voice to its limit.

Also, I’m still the last teacher to leave school every day.  Yes, I teach an after school program that doesn’t even get out until 4:15 so that does set me back considerably.  But its so sad when I go out to my car and my car is the only one there.  But I don’t have kids or a husband to cook for at home (Actually, I have the husband, I just rarely cook for him)

If you’re a teacher, what time do you leave school?


26 Nov

So, last week I cringed when Andrew suggested that we sell something.  I think I found what I need to sell:  my DVD’s.  I don’t know why I like having so many, but I do.  The reality is, we have so many that we don’t have room for them in our entertainment center anymore.  They are starting to just stack up.  I think its time.


26 Nov

Andrew and I had a pretty good discussion about smoking last night.  He is right when he stated that no where in the Bible does is say “Thou shalt not smoke.”  However, many Christians have deemed it a sinful act.  Why is that?  I think its because it is harmful to your body (but so is fried food, or excessive food in general).  It is also addictive (but then again, so is caffeine, and I still drink that).  So what’s so bad about smoking? And don’t tell me the “Your body is a temple” arguement.  First of all, we use that verse out of context, and although it may apply to this case, I just obliterated why its not the only thing we should stay away from.

Before I go any further, I feel that I should state for the record that I am NOT a smoker.  Never tried it. Don’t regret it.  Its disgusting.  Being a student of science, I know what tobacco does to one’s lungs and I have seen smoker’s lungs.  Not pretty.  I live in Riverside.  I’m breathing enough pollution, thank you.

If one were to analyze their reason for smoking (and I have a few friends who have picked it up in the last few years) I truly believe that they would find that it is nothing more than an act of rebellion.  You know its harmful.  You know its gross.

Maybe this blog seems like a contradiction.  I guess thats because I hate smoking but love a lot of people who do it.  Andrew had another great statement:  “For years Christians have judged someone just because they smoke.  If its not in the Bible, its not a moral issue.  I refuse to judge someone because of something that our Christian society has deemed a sin.”  I think he’s right.  But I still think its gross.

What’s so bad about smoking?

If you are a smoker, why do you do it?  (And don’t say cause your addicted.  We know that.  Why did you start?)


18 Nov

So I wish I had a great icon or pic to show you for our new series.  But today Pastor Matt challenged the church with the story of the rich young ruler from the book of Luke.  If we were honest with ourselves about how much we love our material possessions, I think we would stop turning our noses up at the young ruler who wasn’t willing to sell everything to follow Christ, and realize that we are just like him.

If your pastor told you to sell my house, car, computer, clothes, and furniture, would you do it?

Today we were challenged to start small.  Here were Matt’s points: 1.  Sell something that is of value to you and give the money to the poor.  2.  If you sold something that wasn’t hard for you, you sold the wrong thing.

What would you sell?  I’m still praying about it.

Dead Sea Scrolls

18 Nov

Yesterday Andrew and I went with some friends down to beautiful San Diego.  In between weighing the pros and cons for Neal about leaving everything and moving there, we went to the Natural History Museum to see the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Although by the end most of us were on information overload, it was really amazing to see these ancient documents that have helped to confirm the validity of the book I follow my life after.  The scrolls were found in 1947 in Israel and are said to be dated somewhere between 250 and 50 BCE.  (Thats what we’re calling it now.  “Before Common Era.”  I did find it interesting that several signs at the museum were willing to identify what BCE stood for, but not BC).

The transcribing of the scrolls revealed the validity of the tranlations of the Bible we have today.  I hear people all the time saying that the Bible has been changed by man over the years as it was translated.  Well… check out the scrolls my friends!!! 

Perfectionist? Me

16 Nov

Here’s the reason I haven’t blogged in awhile:  I haven’t had time to put some of the things I want to online.  Because of this, I just don’t do anything.  Thats me.  If I don’t have a whole day to clean, I won’t clean anything. 

So, here’s me saying, I’ll put more on when I have more time to dedicate to this.

I have Thanksgiving week off.  How excited am I?

Marriage Getaway

1 Nov

So the Sandals marriage getaway is this weekend.  I love our marriage retreats.  Sandals does them right.  Only draw back:  its kinda work for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love leading worship.  I have spent the evening practicing the love songs and worship songs I’m supposed to sing this weekend.  Memorizing guitar chords is a stretch for me.  I’ve relied too long on having the charts in front of me when I play.  Trying to grow in this area.

But… I am also excited to come back to church that Sunday evening and not have to lead worship.  (Again, don’t get me wrong.  Its just nice to have a break).  Moi is playing.  Thank God for Moi.  Last week I realized that every single worship experience I have been a part of for the last 5 months I have been on stage.  It will be nice to blend into the background for a service.