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Some Results

27 May

So Andrew and I had our follow-up appointment with our fertility doctor.  With the time it took us to get there we were almost 20 minutes late.  The doctor almost left but stayed for us (which I am very thankful for because I did not want to make that trip one more time than I had to).

Doc says all the tests we have done so far are normal.  Both our blood work, my HSG test (x-ray of my tubes), and Andrew’s “sample” – all normal.

Next step?  Test what we thought might actually be the issue.  Next month I will go back to the doctor and they will x-ray my ovaries to make sure the eggs are all there and actually coming out, then test my estrogen and progesterone levels as well.

I don’t really like going to the doctor so much (and my appointments have to be on such specific days), but other than that, I guess all is well.

The Night Before

23 May

It is Saturday night.  I am ready for bed (face washed, teeth brushed) and now pondering the night before I lead worship again in the morning.

Having practiced my guitar earlier today, I quickly glance at my chord charts again, just so things are fresh in my mind.  I review our “transition sheet” which basically gives the run-down of all the songs we are going to do.  I think about what I will wear.  Forcast says it will be cool tomorrow so I might wear my boots.  I like that.

I realize how inadequate I am for this responsibility of leading worship for our church.  I get a little nervous about whether or not I will remember all the words and chords.

My prayer before I fall asleep:  “God, I know I cannot do this job on my own.  Even if I pull off everything perfectly – remember all my words, stay on time with the click, play the right chords – it doesn’t mean anything if I am not lead by your Holy Spirit.  Enable me, Lord.  Give my voice strength because it doesn’t have much right now.  Let me be open to what you want for me and for our church so I can lead our church in the direction you want.  Let us experience you, thus leaving service changed because we encountered the One True God. 

And please help me to wake up on time.” =)

Pleasant Suprise

20 May

Last Friday afternoon my phone rings.  To my suprise it was my friend Heather Whittaker calling to say she was driving into town and needed a place to hang out for a bit.  Being the spiritual person I am, I listened to the voice of God urging me to take her and her kids in during their time of need.

(I sincerely hope you can sense the sarcasm in my tone)

It was great!  Any chance I get to see H and the kids, I love it!

They got soaked in the fountain outside our house and I learned that my house is not quite kid-friendly yet as my wall sconce and vase shook every time the door slammed.  We will get there. =)

Love you, Whittakers!

CursED Snow

19 May

3 weeks ago when we attended the Catalyst West conference they made it “snow in Southern California.”  Which meant that billions of these tiny pieces of white tissue paper fell from boxes in the ceiling, for about 10 minutes, literally covering the inside of the sanctuary.  (Catalyst doesn’t really do anything half-A).  It was cool for a few minutes, then it was a bit overwhelming. 

I started to feel clausterphobic and had to get out.  People were having ‘paper snow’ fights all day.  Although fun, I thought it was a bit over the top and must have been a pain the butt to clean up.

Hence, this piece of paper.  3 weeks later, I still randomly find these pieces of paper in our house.  THEY FOLLOWED US HOME!

Long Day cont.

18 May

One more story I wanted to share about the art show was my amazing opportunity to share the gospel with someone!

Towards the end of the day, a guy walked over to our booth to hand me a flier (got tons of those throughout the day) and invite me to a “drum circle” in Venice Beach.  The basic premise was, he said, that he wanted to invite as many musicians to this event as possible because if they could get enough people speaking the universal language of music at once, it could create enough positive energy to unite all of humanity in harmony and peace.

Um… yeah.

Here’s basically how the conversation went after that:

Me: So what is the ultimate goal of doing this?

Him: To create enough positive energy to end pain.

Me: Would you agree that man is the source of pain?

Him: At least a catalyst for pain.

Me: Agreed.  If man is the source, or catalyst, for pain, then how can man redeem pain?

Him:  I don’t have an answer for that?  Do you?

Me:  (as confidently as I have ever stated) Yes.  I do have the answer.

I got to share with him the theology of God as the Creator of all things, justice, and love,  the Holy Spirit which gives us the knowledge of who God is, and Jesus, the sacrifice that took the punishment for all our screw-ups made it possible for us to have relationship with God.

I think mostly, he was just excited and interested about getting new “ideas” to add to his repertoire of knowledge but he was still getting Truth.   

We ended the 45 minute conversation with me telling that him that if he really wanted to find truth, he could find it in the bible or at a Christian church.  Hence, the invite I gave him to Sandals.  The place where he could come as he is and get some real answers.

I don’t know if he will ever come but I do know that God has never given me words like he did that day.  I was pretty excited to have, not just an answer for him, but The Answer!

God definately answered the prayer for using mine and Abe’s art as a platform to proclain His Truth.

Long Day but Pretty Amazing

17 May

So Abe and I got to RCC around 10:30am and set up all our stuff.  He got painting a little after 11:00.  We drove away from the field at 7:00pm.

Yep, it was a long day in the sun.  The Sandals church EZ-up saved us otherwise we would have been miserable.  I will just say that there are some interesting people that go and participate in art shows.  At one point there was a girl in a bikini nonchalantly walking around observing art.  There was no pool. 

But we did what we came to do:  Abe painted and I played and sang intermitently throughout the day.   Here is what he produced at the end of it:

 Yeah, Abe is pretty stinkin’ amazing.

A few weeks ago, Abe heard me sing a song I had written about a homeless girl I met in San Francisco.  The story goes that Andrew and I were walking around and this girl sat on the sidewalk crying.  After an urging from my husband, I stopped to kneel down and talk to her.  At about 20 years old, Dawn told me she was crying because social services had recently taken her baby, Elijah, away from her.

I wrote the song about remembering Dawn’s situation and praying a reminder over her:  “there is hope in the One who made every Dawn, every day.”

When Abe heard the song, this image of Jesus being painted on a wall as a symbol of hope for this girl popped into his head.  After about 7 hours of work (I had to remind him to drink water and he never ate anything), this masterpiece was complete.

Through my song, his painting, and several conversations we were able to tell the story of the hope of Jesus to many people throughout the day.

It was pretty great.

New Music Challenge

15 May

A few weeks ago, my friend Abe Hernandez asked me if I would be interested in playing at an RCC (Riverside City College) art festival thing.  I said sure.

That day is today.

We are setting up an Easy-Up, Abe is painting, I am playing my guitar and singing.  Some original stuff, some cover stuff.

I am excited and glad for these new oppotunities that force me to get better.

Gonna be a long day though.  I think the art festival is from 12pm – 7pm.

Praying my voice holds up.