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31 Oct

Its been a while.  If you read my blog consistently (and I thank you for being interested in my rants) you have figured out that I go in waves with my blog posts. 

I am not sure why I do this.  I have ideas for posts but just don’t sit down to type them out. 

Right now I am distracted by watching The Office Season 6.  Funny.

Gonna keep watching.

I promise more posts will come soon

So Lame

7 Oct

Since we got netflix, I thought I would watch an older movie I had never seen all the way through:  Steel Magnolias.

I remember in high school everyone said it was such a good, sad movie.  I had seen the beginning a few times but never the whole thing.. until this week.

It was so bad, I had to watch it in sections and I just finished it today. 

What’s up with this movie?  Apparently, Julia Roberts dies because she has diabetes and had a baby.  Did we not know that much about diabetes in the 80’s? 

When it ended, I was sad I had spent my time watching it.


5 Oct

I am fasting this week.  Its kind of an unusual fast.

I am fasting from squeezing my pores.  Months ago I posted my horrible habit:  I like to pop pimples.  But I don’t just squeeze zits, it makes me feel good to get stuff out of my pores.  So any bump I see on my face (and I frequently analyze) is seen as a potential something that can be squeezed.

But this practice is very hard on my skin and I got to thinking, I am getting older and my skin is not going to keep rejuvinating itself forever.

So I decided to fast.  For one week.  I am not squeezing pores.

One week.

Hard day made a little easier by good husband

3 Oct

I was supposed to get a massage today.  That got canceled because I ended up having to go back to Kaiser.  Anytime you have to cancel a massage is pretty sucky, but to skip it to go to the doctor, even suckier. 

Yes, I went back to start another month of fertility treatment. 

So I was having a pretty tough time, but when I came home…

and Andrew had made me dinner.  I don’t know if this is a normal thing for your husband to do, but it is not for mine.

This was a gesture of love.

Good man.

Just a Bit Disturbing

1 Oct

My friend, Marc, has this ap on his iphone that switches the faces of 2 people in the same picture.  This is me and Andrew… switches faces.

I know.  Yikes.