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In Reponse..

29 Nov

This post is in response to funches who asked when we were leaving which is a question I have gotten a lot.

Andrew and I, along with Dawn Carter are leaving for East Africa early morning on Thursday, December 4th.  We will get back on December 15th.

And yes, I am hoping to have internet access and keep up with the blogging while we are gone.

I’m in Fresno

28 Nov

…and I forgot my camera.  I hate that.  Of all the things I am notorious for forgetting… its my camera.  So I don’t have any pictures to show but our trip so far has been really great.  Spent 2 night at Andrew’s parents’ house and now we are at mine.  Had our annual Friend’s Thanksgiving (where all the old friends from the “No” get together to potluck and hang out.  I think there were about 35 people there including kids.  Sidenote:  Andrew and I were the ONLY couple there without kids.  This is the first time this has ever happened at a friend’s thanksgiving.  We are officially behind.  Andrew asked me later if I was sad.  Not emotional, just very aware).

I digress… we had one thanksgiving dinner with my parents and Andrew’s parents and family together.  It was great to do one dinner.  Today we are chilling (but the gym is a must).

Didn’t go shopping today.  I don’t do that crazy after thanksgiving thing.  Do you?

Africa Fundraising Update #3

23 Nov

Here is where we are at with our fundraising:  With all the help of our amazing family and friends (and some people coming out of the wood-works), Andrew have raised about $4,500.  Amazing!  We still have $2,300 to go and we have 7 days left.  Please believe that God takes care of those who give in His name. 

Need proof?  I’d love to share this awesome story I heard about last week.  A couple friend of ours has been struggling financially but were challenged by someone to continue to put God first in their finances and give even though it was difficult.  They wanted to support us on our trip and decided that they could give $50.  But after considering the challenge, decided to give $150 in faith.  A few days later an aquaintance showed up on their door claiming that for some reason, they had been given an extra $100 and felt they needed to give it to our friends. 

I’ve heard too many of these stories to not believe that God provides for us when we give.

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Never Before

23 Nov

Never before would I ever think that I would get a fake christmas tree.  But this year, since Andrew and I are going to be gone for most of December, we decided that, in order to make it worthwhile, we needed to put up our Christmas decorations early.  This means getting a fake tree.  I had to let go of a few things this year:  I loved the experience of picking out a tree, the drama of trying to fit it into our car (a 4-door), and setting it up with that fresh pine smell.  When I was setting this one up, my stomach started to turn because I’d been smelling plastic for so long.  But it actually doesn’t look half bad.  fake-tree






Even though its fake, I’m pretty happy with it.





Do you do it fake or real?

I don’t know why

14 Nov

I don’t know why I like this commercial, but I do.  There are 2 things that tell me Christmas is coming: red starbucks cups and this hersheys kiss commercial.  Both bring me bliss.

Africa Fundraising Update #2

13 Nov

Almost $1,800 out of $6,800.  Thanks so much to those who have given so far!!

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Sandals Church unite!  This Saturday at 8:00 there will be Poker Night fundraiser at Brit and Lisa Schron’s house.  $20 to play and have a great time with friends.  Men- if you are going to the conference on Sat, it will be a great opportunity to connect with other guys afterwards.  Women – they will still have time to come home for dinner then please let them out of the house again!  =)

Please help send us to East Africa to encourage and support the family that is there!

They shut off their brains today

13 Nov

After a 4 day weekend, I felt like my students had shut off their brains.  I am a little nervous because they had a test tomorrow and they acted like I had never taught them how to find the volume of an irregularly shaped object!!! (you put it in water and see how much the water level raises).  We did 3 labs on it, worksheets, hand-motions, discussions… every teacher trick in the book and today they were giving me blank stares. 

Today was one of those days when you leave work thinking, “What the crap am I doing here?”

Relate?  Anyone?

I had a Dream

11 Nov

Its my day off and I slept in until 9am.  It was awesome.  I had a dream that I went to Sea World and got picked from the audience to touch a killer whale at one of the shows.  At one point I jumped in the tank to save a kid who had fallen in. 

Just so you know… this is a significant dream because it really is one of my ‘life list’ goals to touch a killer whale someday.

What time did you get up on your day off?

Africa Fundraising Update

10 Nov

Just found out that we have raised $1,150 out of the $6,800 we need.  Its a start but we still have a long way to go before November 30th.  If you would like to donate to help Andrew and I assist this family from our church in loving on people in East Africa, click on this link.

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Watch our video here.

I gave my shoes away

10 Nov

A pair that I really liked.  Actually, its the pair of shoes I am wearing in the banner picture at the top of this page.  Last night, Pastor Matt gave a message about caring for the poor and reminded us that if we own even one car, that puts us in the top 5% of the richest people in the world.  We asked us if we would give our shoes to the homeless so many people walked to the front of the church and left their shoes. 

Being involved with the services, I knew ahead of time that Matt was going to ask us to give our shoes.  For the evening service, I had it all planned out what pair of shoes I was going to wear to church (a pair I liked, but don’t wear very often.  Not a pair that was that difficult to part with).  Well, Andrew discovered my little scheme before church and challenged me to wear the pair that I would have worn if I would have gone to church unknowlingly like most people.  He said and I quote “I don’t ask you to submit very often, but I am asking you tonight.  You need to wear your black shoes tonight and give those away.” 

So I did.  And I gave them away.  I think my bigger struggle was about how selfish I am that my $15 payless pair of shoes meant so much to me (I almost love the ‘deal’ clothes better than the expensive ones) that I had a hard time giving them away to someone way less fortunate than myself.  I balled all through worship and begged God’s forgiveness.

I am a very capable person, but “this world will know the living God not by our might but by our love.”

What pair of shoes would be hard to give away and why?