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Not Much Here

30 Apr

This is me.  Real.  The truth is, I don’t have much to say tonight.  Andrew is out of town at a management team retreat and I am home.  Roommate moved out.  ‘So what does a girl like Becca do on a night by herself?’ you ask.  It was awesome (sense the sarcastic tone, please).  I cleaned the house (cause family is coming from out of town tomorrow) and I watched some TV.  A little too much, actually.  I don’t know why I watch so much TV.  I think its because I need some noise in the house when I am by myself. We don’t have cable, and the TV’s we have aren’t fabulous.  To be honest, we only get 4 channels.  Shocking. I know.  So what do I watch when there is only 4 channels?  Junk, thats what.

Oh, and American Idol.  Speaking of which, its 9:45 and I have to go see who gets kicked off.

Very unspiritual at worship concert

27 Apr

hay-005Andrew and I (along with some other Sandals worship peeps) had the awesome opportunity to go see  Hillsong United concert last Monday.  They wouldn’t let us take any pictures during, so this is us before.

Worship was amazing.  Brook Fraser is astounding.  We had a great time.  Until…

right after the concert Andrew and I got in a stupid fight.  He interupted me, I snapped at him, he got offended, then snapped back even harder.  I think we said 5 words to each other in the car ride home from L.A.  Finally, at 1:00 am, after hashing it out for a bit, Andrew said “I love you more than being right. I am willing to let this go.”  I said the same back and we finally went to sleep.

Our marraige isn’t perfect, but it is still pretty good.  Sometimes we have to work harder than others.  Monday was one of those “work harder” nights.  But I love that my husband is committed to “working hard.”  I am blessed.

“Look out the front door”

26 Apr

This is the text I got from Andrew last Saturday.  So I get out of bed, and look through the peep hole.  I see nothing.  Literally, I can’t see anything.  Then I open the door.




Inside view








Outside view



Apparently, a few people college and career singles group needed somewhere to dispose of the hay after their ‘hilbilly hoedown.’

I couldn’t think of a better place than our front porch either.  We couldn’t get out our front door for a week but Andrew finally got it cleaned up.

Any practical joke stories to share? I know you got ’em.

Easter Sunday

12 Apr

Our Sandals friends really have become our Southern CA family.  Since Andrew and I have pretty much relinquished the idea of ever going home (to Fresno) again for an Easter Sunday, we have figured that we need to spend the day with another part of our family. 

Peeps came over and all contributed to lunch.  It was delicious and full of enteraining fun.  Now, my wonderful husband is cleaning up as I detox and blog. 

Sunday service was awesome.  After spending a somber Friday night and Saturday remembering what Jesus paid for us when He died on the cross, I was ready to come together with my church family and celebrate that we serve a risen, active Savior.  I had so much fun. 

Hopefully I can get some pics soon to share.

How was your Easter experience?

Feeling Accomplished

12 Apr

People keep asking me if I did anything “fun” for spring break.  Well for me, “fun” is relative.  Because I actually did have a great spring break…at home.  I got lots done that make me feel very accomplished.  You know, the household chores that keep getting put off for another day?  Thats what I did on my week off.




I put up the shelf that has been sitting in the corner for about 8 months,





Organized the office which, if you have an extra room, you know it quickly turns into the “just put it in there” room.  Looks much better now.




Organized my night stand drawer






Vacumed and flipped the mattress.


Please.. you don’t have to tell me how sexy I look when I clean.  I already know.

So…  fun?  I don’t know about that but I did enjoy myself.  I feel very accomplished.

What task(s) make you feel accomplished when you can finally get it done?

Proud Wife

7 Apr

I am beaming with pride.  My man finished an Ironman 70.3 (the whole race was a total of 70.3 miles).  Some severe stomach cramps slowed him down a bit in the middle of the race but started to feel better and finished strong.  It took him about 7 and a half hours to complete.

Here’s a few highlightsironman-009



Coming out of a 1.2 mile swim in the harbor










Starting a 56 mile bike ride through Camp Pendleton










Crossing the finish line.ironman-024








I may have added a triathalon to my life list.  Probably just an olympic, though. 

I love my husband.  Thanks for praying!

Pray for my Husband

3 Apr

The days of training are over (well, almost).  Andrew’s triathalon is tomorrow.  If you can, please pray for him as he accomplishes something most of us would never even conceive of trying.  Saturday Andrew will swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles, and then run 13. 

If you could pray for:  mechanics (a few bike problems lately), bodily protection (a few minor injuries bothering him lately), and endurance.  He is not concerned about finishing fast, just finishing well.