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Home Sweet Home

30 Nov

I have only one more day before going back to work.  Keep your head up teachers, only 3 weeks until Christmas break! 

We had a really great time in Fresno with our friends and family.

The week started off with our traditional “Friends Thanksgiving”

I love this night because it lets us see a lot of friends we don’t always get to see.

(By the way, this post is taking me a long time to write because I am crying through Extreme Makeover Home Edition).

Anyway…. Fresno trip…. focus…..



Then the traditional Thanksgiving day football game. 

This is Robin’s daughter Rhema Grace. 


“Watching” the boys play is really just an excuse for Robin and I to get coffee and get some extra hang out time.  Cause we really don’t watch.

Every year I get asked by Andrew:  “Babe, did you see my touchdown?” 

Um… no, sorry. 

After having delicious Thanksgiving lunch with my family and Andrew’s parents (yes, I broke my crazy diet for Thanksgiving) we loaded up the car and drove to Cayucus.  Its near Morro Bay on the central coast. 


Took a family bike riding trip along the beach (well, mostly along the beach)





Me and my Sissy





And I got some quality time with my two very energetic nephews. 

As exahusting as it seemed, I went to every “Becca, come ‘ere.  I wanna show you something” call of the 9 year old because I know that in a few years he will probably forget that it was once cool to hang out with his aunt.


Can you tell I love my family?


How was your Thanksgiving?

Going to the “No

24 Nov

Andrew and I are leaving to go to Fresno for Thanksgiving.

I am very excited to be spending time with friends and family.  We have a tradition every year that all of our friends get together and do our own thanksgiving (we call it “Friends Thanksgiving” – original, huh?) and then on Thursday my immediate fam is going to the coast where my parents rented a beach house.

Looking forward to it. 

Blog again when I get home.


Please Join Me in Celebrating

24 Nov

(well, first of all, I made my bed.  Thats how you know I’m on vacation)

But more importantly…

these are all our socks I folded from the laundry.

LOOK!  NO LEFT-OVERS!  All the socks matched!!!

This is starting out to be a very good day.

Just Curious

23 Nov

Apparently my leafy greens have a mild flavor.



What on earth does BOLD lettuce taste like?


How bold can lettuce be?

I’m Off!!!

21 Nov

Being a teacher definately has its perks.  Yesterday I got to go to my school and clean up, get some work done without any students (which, call me crazy, does not feel like work to me.  I enjoy it). 

And now I don’t have to go back for a whole week!! 

The best thing to me about not being a teacher for a week is that I get to rest my voice.  

Today is Saturday.  It is 11:30 and I am still in my PJ’s and I don’t care!  Had my bananas and organic peanut butter for breakfast. 

I am happy.

Need some encouragement today

21 Nov

Had a little bit of a rough day on the raw diet.  Today was our teacher work day (last day of the trimester with no students) and we always have a huge potluck breakfast. 

The food was amazing! But guess what I ate?


No delicious stuffing, egg-cheese-potatoe casarol (I don’t know how to spell that), no yummy pumpkin stuff.  Just fruit salad.

But I was fine at work until I came home.  Now I want to eat everything.  Andrew is cooking dinner in the crock pot and it smells delicious.

(Confession: I had a piece of his cooked broccoli)

Next I am going to a bunco party that will also serve dinner.  See those carrots and green beans in my hand?  Thats what I will be taking with me.

Tell me I am doing this because being healthy is important.  Remind me that I am getting all the junk/toxins out of my body.  Whisper sweet nothings to me that say I have done this for 5 days already and I wouldn’t want to start over.  I’ve gotten this far.

Thanks for the encouragement.  I really appreciate it.

The “Hate” Diet

19 Nov

Thats what Summer Christopher calls it.  I started this raw foods diet on Monday.  Never done anything like this before. 

I have had a few friends who got pregnant after they did various “detox” things.  I am not doing it to lose weight, just to try to get some junk out of my system that might be built up.  I never stop to think about how many hormones are in the meat and dairy we eat (which I eat a lot of.  I love me some meat). 

So I am on day 3.  For the last few days I have been eating bananas and organic peanut butter, avacados, LOTS of fruit, almonds, cashews, raw green beans, and salad with oil and lemon for dressing.

I am doing okay but I was already tired of my lunch today.  It made me think, though:  We are so blessed to have such variety of food.  There are people in hundreds of other countries who eat the same thing every day and don’t even understand the concept of variety.

So I’m trying this at least until Thanksgiving.  We shall see.