I went to cheer camp

11 Jul


Yes, thats right.  I went to cheer camp Thursday and Friday.  I was never a cheerleader so I felt a bit out of my element.  Why did I go?

This is my best friend Robin below with the whistle.  She is the cheer coach for my alma mater (Fresno Christian) and they were at my other alma mater (Azusa Pacific) at cheer camp. So I went to hang out with her and see what she does.


I don’t know much, but after these last few days, I know what makes a good toe-touch =)

I was reminded again how much I love hanging out with youth kids in a “school setting” without having to be the teacher.  If it wasn’t for the schedule, I would totally be a coach (just not for cheer.  I can barely touch my toes)

Besides getting a few minutes of my best friend’s time, my favorite part was when I heard the squad yell their “pre-cheer” (thats what they yell instead of “Go Team” before they are about to perform).  They very precisely got in a huddle, hands in the center and yelled…. with spirit…. “JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!”

And I smile.

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