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Morning Routine

30 Apr

So far, this has started off like any other morning.  I pretty much do the same thing Monday – Friday.

Alarm goes off.  Hit snooze for about a half hour.

Look at my hair before I get in the shower. Decide if the oiliness can be treated with baby powder or if I need to wash it.  I’m good.  No washing today.

Shower. Shave.

Moisturize face and legs, brush hair, clean up eyes from previous day left-over mascara, put on white bathrobe.

Go downstairs and make coffee or zip-fizz.

Sit on couch to read bible drinking coffee or zip-fizz.

Pray with husband.

Finish getting ready with makeup, hair and clothes.  Realize its past 7:30 and I really should get moving (yes, that happens pretty much every day).

Go back downstairs.  Re-heat coffee, put in to-go mug.  Make lunch and breakfast to-go (fav breakfast is yogurt with berries and granola).

Leave for school 10 minutes later than I wanted to.

Yep, everything looks to be normal today except the fact that I am now 5 minutes behind schedule since I got sucked into my computer.

Are you a morning routine person too?

I don’t normally pick up the phone

26 Apr

We still have a landline phone at our house.  Originally, we had it for our fax machine but we don’t really use it anymore.  Now Andrew keeps it because that is how he says he can get a hold of me when I am at home.  I am not so fabulous at keeping my cell phone with me “at all times” (hear the words of my husband).

Anyway, so I don’t normally pick up the phone because it is usually just telemarketers, but today it rang and I picked up.  Andrew wasn’t home so I thought he might be trying to through (since I do not currently have my phone at my disposal).

It was my principal.

On a Sunday?

Yes.  On a Sunday.  It took me a minute to get my bearings since I definitely did not expect him to call.

He called to tell me that MY PINK SLIP GOT RECENDED! (I actually do not know how to spell that word).   I have a job next year!  (Plus, this should probably tell you one of many reasons I am excited to stay at my school.  My boss is pretty great.  Who does that?)

Praise God.

If 1 out of 4…

24 Apr

“If 1 family out of every 4 churches in America adopted a child, we would have no more orphans in our country.”  – Kay Warren

If that is all it takes, and there are still orphans in our country, the church has to step it up. 

The idea of adoption keeps coming up.  This weekend at catalyst Andrew and I were reminded once again of Jesus’ COMMAND (not suggestion) to take care of widows and orphans.  In the same way he told us to love one another, he told us to take care of the vulnerable.  Why are we not doing this?

Will Andrew and I adopt?  Yes, I believe so.  Will it be now?  Will it be instead of our own?  I don’t know. 

Right now we are in the stage of ‘yes, we are seriously considering this.’  We don’t know timing and we don’t have any information.  But God is definately stirring our hearts.

What do you think?

21 Apr

I am needing to get my hair done soon.  I have been growing my bangs out for a while, just for a change, but now I am re-thinking.  I think I’ll keep the lighter hair for now, but….

   No bangs…


Or bangs?

What’s your vote?

In escrow

20 Apr

We bought a house!  We are not moving, its a second house we are going to use for a rental.

We had been saving  for awhile and were blessed to receive some inheritance money when my grandparents passed away, so about a year ago, when the market took a dive, we started thinking of how we could use our money and invest wisely. 

I know this way will take some work, but I am pretty excited about this house.  Out of all the houses we put offers on (I think there was over 50), this one is in the best neighborhood and in pretty good shape.  Just a few fixers and a new paint job

If everything works out, this could be a good free me up to go part-time someday if we have kids. 

We’ve been praying about this for awhile and I am glad God had us hold out.

Just a pic I like

19 Apr

This is me and Andrew at Ghirradeli ( I know I didn’t spell that right) shop in San Francisco.  One of those, throw-caution-to-the-wind, eat-whatever-you-want nights. 

Good time.

My Voice part 2

19 Apr

So here’s where I’m at:  since I got sick about 3 months ago, my voice has not fully recovered and returned to normal. 

I still can’t sing like I want.  Its not fun for me right now because it hurts.  I am constantly going on vocal rest, which is hard to do as a teacher.  I am drinking tea, warming up my voice before I teach or sing, trying my best not to talk in loud places, hardly ever singing in church unless I have a mic.  And still, its not there.

Today I actually took a pad of paper to church so I could communicate.

Its my voice!!  What are the 2 things I am sure God has called me to?  Being a worship leader and a teacher.  Kinda hard to do if your vocal chords aren’t working. 

Today in worship I cried singing (with my heart) that I will bring God praise in any circumstance, in any season. Its true, but it is still a really hard for me right now.  I want to sing praises to my King with the voice He gave me and I can’t.

Can I ask you for prayer again?  Would you pray that God heals my voice, that I find ways to rest and protect it while being a teacher, that I can find a voice teacher that will help me strengthen this instrument?

Humbly…. thank you.