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Anxious Sleep

29 Aug

I can tell when I have anxious sleep.  I chew on the inside of my cheek.  I started chewing on this one spot a couple years ago and now I have this bump that won’t go away.

(I tried to take a picture, but after seeing them, realized that no body wants to see a picture of the inside of my mouth).

Sometimes it goes down when I am good about not chewing. 

I can tell when I don’t sleep well because I wake up in the morning and that one spot  is huge.  Then its like when you bite your lip, then keep biting on accident and it hurts even more!

Andrew is in Mexico with the Pasos team so I slept the last 2 nights in bed by myself.  My bump has gotten bigger the last few days.

Guess I haven’t been sleeping so well.

Do You Believe?

28 Aug

If you are a teacher, have ever been a teacher, have ever worked with kids, or have kids…. you need to watch this.

We watched this video yesterday (after I had already written my previous post) at a staff meeting.  As soon as the keynote speaker started with his first sentence, I just thought “Oh, Crap!” 

‘Cause I cried through the whole thing.

They need me

27 Aug

Actually, they need to see Jesus in me.  They, meaning my students. 

I started school again this week.  I was a little depressed about it on Sunday night.  I told my dear friend Amanda Quillin that I needed a little pep talk to get me remotely excited about going back.  Her response was perfect.

She told me that my students need me, and I think its true.  They need someone to care for them.  They need someone to teach them that they are good at something.  They need someone to show them that they are smart and valuable and that if they work hard, they can accomplish even the hardest of tasks.

Most importantly, they need to see something different in me that shows them the love of Christ. 

As I pondered this today I thought… this is why I am a teacher.  Because I believe that I can make a difference to a few kids.  Its not about me.

And for moments like this one….Andrew's 30th and Baptism 041

This picture was taken at the Sandals Beach Baptism last week.  This is a previous student of mine who just started going to Sandals a few weeks ago and she got baptized!



This is why I teach.

(By the way, will some of you remind me of this post in November when I have some students driving me crazy?)

Marriage Retreat

26 Aug

Marraige Retreat 003

This was our 5th Sandals Marriage Retreat.  We had an amazing time.  This pic was taken at the dance on Friday night.  I have others, but without the permission of those in them, I decided not to display any “less than flattering” photos of people dancing.


Except this one…..Marraige Retreat 018


Please don’t think less of our 2 pastors.  They only danced the one time.

It didn’t lead to anything. =)

He’s 30

21 Aug

My husband is no longer a 20 something.  30.  Wow that feels wierd.  Andrew's 30th and Baptism 009







I sure do love him.  (Even though he is a wearing 10 name tags in this picture).

A New TV!!

21 Aug

Andrew and I have been living in the “dark ages” (some might say), technologically speaking.  We currently have 3 TVs in the house, none of which we actually purchased and also none of which are over 24” in size. 

The one we currently watch all our movies on we received from my grandmother.  Not as a gift.  I mean, it was hers.

But tonight, we ventured out.  We found a great deal and we purchased our first TV.  Yay.

Andrew's 30th and Baptism 050

I took a few of these pictures and like this one the best because Andrew is actually giving me a real smile.  He was laughing at me because as I was crouching down to take the pic, I sneezed and had just told him that I peed my pants a little.


Oh well.  We don’t have to scoot the couch up to the TV anymore!

Thank You

18 Aug

I just wanted to say thanks to my friends who left such amazing and encouraging comments on my “Peed on a Stick” post.  I love you guys and am so thankful to have a community and family who will pray when I ask and will let me be vulnerable.  You all spoke truth into my life.

I am very blessed.