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Houston, Baby!

27 Mar

God provides.  Absolutely.  Friday I found out that the “maybe” trip I have been planning to take 22 of my students to the Johnson Space Center in Houston has become a “definately.”

In 2 and a half months, God provided over $20,000 to make the trip possible.  I AM SO EXCITED. 

Now that fundraising is just about wrapped up, its time for the details.  T-shirts, lanyards with name tags, thank you cards for our donors, getting CPR and epi pen certified, parent permission slips, organizing itineraries….. 

I guess I will sleep in June… but this is worth it.

Kids in the System

22 Mar

As Andrew and I have started (and I seriously mean, just started) this journey of adoption, we are learning more and more about how the system works and the need of kids to be adopted.

Did you know….

Only 50% of kids who are in the foster system graduate from High School

75% of emancipated foster kids (those who have aged out of the system – turned 18) end up either homeless, on drugs, incarcerated, or dead within 2 years.

2% of foster kids go to college – 1% graduate.

The statistics are overwhelming, I know.  Nonetheless, as Christians, we are not just called, we are commanded to take care of these orphans.

How are we doing as a church at this?

A Las Vegas

21 Mar

So Andrew and I took a little trip a few weeks ago.  He talked me into taking an extra 2 days off of work and it was stressful to get ready for, but totally worth the work to spend some quality time with my hubby.

It was pretty cold.  This is us waiting for the Bellagio water show to start (I say “we” even thought the pic is just of me)

We went to a time-share presentation so we could get show tickets to go see Blue Man Group.  Definately the most entertaining and random show I have seen.  3 college boys with too much time on their hands.

It good to get out of town.  I love re-connecting with Andrew when we get the chance in our busy schedule.

“Spaghetti, spaghetti all over the place…

8 Mar

up to my elbows – up to my face…” – one of my favorite poems from Shel Siverstein’s “Where the Sidewalk Ends.”

Spaghetti is what we had.  At my school last Thursday we had a spaghetti dinner fundraiser to help raise money for my student’s Houston trip to NASA.  It was amazing.  A few district big-wigs came to support, teachers voluteered hours of their time and energy to help set up, tear down, organize students.  We had plenty of delicious food and a silent auction.

One teacher at my school donated Diamond Club Angel tickets four rows behind home plate.  Sold for $470 dollars!!  We also had a donor from Schools First Credit Union come and throw down $1,000. 

I was very humbled and blessed by the people who showed up to help.  I could not have pulled the night off on my own.

All together, we raised a little over $3,800 that night.  Once a few promised donations come through, we will have about $15,000 towards our goal of $18,000.  We have a little less than a month to get the rest and I know it will come.  We have one more fundraiser… selling raffle tickets to win a Carnival Cruise.

God has been incredibly faithful.  When we started this process I was so discouraged by the amount of people who told me “this sounds like something you should have started a year ago.”  I KNOW!!  But, my God owns a cattle on a thousand hills.  Its all His and I have simply asked that He give us a little =) 

He is once more proving Himself as a God who can do what seems impossible.

Turning 30… little late on the posting

7 Mar

My birthday was actually in January, but here goes nothing..

No more 20 something.  I am officially what I used to think was old.  When people ask me if I have kids, and then ask how old I am, its been a while since I have heard “oh, you still have time”

But…. I like it.  30 is good. 

(Buying a new dress, pedicure, and gettin fancy to celebrate helps too)

My parents even drove 4 hours to help celebrate.

Good friends…

A little dance party with the Wii…..

I feel good.  Ah, 30.

Prego Journey Update #…..

6 Mar

Not sure which number update this is.  I know its been a while so here is my update:

Andrew and I are still not pregnant…surprise!  (its not really a surprise, I just wanted to fancy that up a bit).  I stopped going to Kaiser.  It was making me crazy.  I hated every second.  There is nothing wrong with me or my husband (or at least nothing that the docs could find) so why was I putting myself through all that?  If there was something wrong that needed fixing, I might feel differently. 

So, I have been doing the natural thing to try to figure out how to maximize pregnancy.. taking my temperature, charting stuff, taking supplements.. all that jazz. 

In January, Andrew heard from God.  In a service at church Andrew specifically heard God say, “you can take care of my children by adopting.”  That same day, with not knowledge of any conversation between Andrew and I, a friend called and said that while I was leading worship, God gave her a picture of me with 2 kids on my hips.  These kids were not my biological children, but she could see that there was so much joy in me.  (Now I don’t know about the 2 kids thing, but whatever).

So… Andrew and I have decided to adopt.  Locally through Foster-to-Adopt.  We have filled out our paperwork but have yet to turn it in.  We are moving forward slowly.  We are requesting a baby at the age of 1 year or younger.  Gender, preference.

There is so much in the details that are out of our control.  Where is the child coming from?  How long will we have to wait?  What if we get all ready for a baby and the biological parent changes their mind?  What if we get presented with siblings? What if.. what if… what if…?

God, please be in the details we can’t control.  Please guide us and perfectly choose for our family the child you would have added to our lives.  In the mean time, protect that child from abuse.  Prepare our own hearts for a life change and protect our hearts while we wait.