July 4th

4 Jul

I have 3 requirements for my 4th of July.  Get in a pool at some point in the day and watch fireworks in the sky.  The sparklers are cool but I need to see some real fireworks.  I also need to hear “Proud to be an American” at least once.  Preferably during the fireworks show.

Today Andrew and some friends rode their bikes down to the beach and the girls picked them up.  Thought we would spend some time down there on the beach and eat but it was WAY too crowded.  Instead, we found a nearby park (not crowded at all) and had a picnic.  Good times, but as of 3:00pm I have not yet achieved any of my July 4th requirements.  Hopefully by the end of the day.

What did you do for the 4th?

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