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Patty – awesome

14 Sep

I wanted to share this video for a few reasons: 

1.  LoriJo reminded me how much I like Patty Griffin

2.  I auditioned for American Idol this summer (thats a whole other post. No, I didn’t make it through the first round.  If you know anything about it, its a little shady) and I sang this song.  NO ONE I talked to knew who Patty Griffin was or had heard of this song.  Shame.

3.  This is the best video I found of her playing this song, but it cuts off the best part.  Anyone find one better?

Insecurity vs. Humility

14 Sep

So, as I have posted previously, I have definately felt the emotional weight of my new resposibilites as a worship leader lately.  Last Sunday morning I woke up thinking, “Me?  I am SO not the right person for this job.”  Then all the reasons why I’m not the right person goes running through the brain.

You’re not the best singer at the church.   You didn’t wake up early enough to read your bible today.   You spent more time on what you looked like today than you did preparing your heart to worship.  Why are you the leader?

Then I went to church:  Pastor Matt talked about leading not because you the most qualified but because it is God who works through those who lead.   Even though He may have gifted someone to be an amazing leader, God’s greatness is only perfected through those who realize they can’t do it on their own and rely on Him.  

This brings me to my point: There is a fine line between insecurity and humility that I need to continue to learn.  Insecurity about the gifts God has given me keeps me from using them and allowing Him to work through me.  Humility is what recognizes that whatever gifts I do have, I have because God has given them to me.  And if God thought to give me a gift, I can do nothing but allow Him to work. 

I must step aside and admit:  No, I’m not the perfect singer, the most spiritual, or the best worship leader there is, but for whatever reason, I’ve been put in a place of leadership.  And if God thought well enough of me to give me such a blessing, I can’t let my insecurities cloud the awesome ability God has to work through me if I simply make myself available to be used. 

Its too good

12 Sep

Trail Mix

I’m supposed to eat dinner in 15 minutes, but I can’t stop eating this stuff while I blog. 

Trader Joe’s

Can’t beat it.

My New Invention

10 Sep

So here’s an interesting thought to throw out into the abyss… Most public restrooms these days have at least one automatic sensored feature.  Either the automatic toilet flusher (which usually flushes too early or not at all for me since I am a squatter), faucet, soap dispenser, and the sensored paper towel dispenser.  However, the curious thing to me is, I have never been to one restroom that had all of these features.  If we are trying to be health conscious, wouldn’t you think an all automatic restroom would be something to create?

Lets say we found a public restroom did have all these features.  It would still leave the incredibly disgusting, germ infested stall door.  Think about it.  NOBODY washes their hands after they have done their business and then opens the lock on the door.  That thing is nasty.  And typically, the stall is too small (and I am not that limber) to use my foot to open/close the dang thing.    This brings me to my invention…….

In my mind I have created the automatic door lock.  It only reads a slow motion of a flat hand that moves as your hand motions it closed.  Then, when you want to reverse the lock, simply move your hand slowly in the opposite direction to unlock.  I think its genious, but thats because it came out of my own brain.  So… when this thing comes out in 2-3 years, I’ve got a whole community of people vouching for my ingeniousness.

Sit or Squat?

10 Sep

Check out Mandy’s blog.  The conversation of this question made me smile today.  Which reminds me….

Wait for another post.

Worship Confessional Taken Over

9 Sep

So I tried to upload a video of me saying all this, but it didn’t work out so well.  It got all the way onto youtube and then onto my site, but then there was nothing on the video. 

Anyway, this is a week late cause I had all this trouble, but I thought it worth it to still post.

Carlos, our former (that sounds so sad to say) worship pastor has followed where he felt God leading him; to ATL, GA.  He used to do this worship confessional, but now I want to take it over.  Becca style. 

So last week was our first week without him.  No offense to Los, but it was awesome.  Actually, it just shows what a great job he did building up our church and the team.  Thats leadership.  I think the thing I was most blessed by was the response of worship from the people in our church.  A lot of times (actually more often than not) when leadership changes, people lose interest and become uncommitted.  I’ve seen this happen many times on a Sunday when people know the “regular” pastor isn’t going to be there.  Attendance is always lower that day.  But this was not the case for Sandals’ first day without Carlos.  They came pumped, expecting to worship God; making the day about God, not Carlos.  It was amazing. 

This was our set list:  Salvation (not to be confused with “Salvation is Here” by United.  The old-school “Salvation spring up from the ground…”), My Glorious (rockin’ out style), Beautiful One (lead by a chick -first time doing that one), The Stand (always great to get people on their feet), and Hosanna (another great one).

So I am basically one of two primary worship leaders at this point.  There is a team of us who have really pulled together to make church worship happen.  A team full of amazing musicians and creators that I am so excited to work along side.  But I still have a hard time wrapping my brain around my new “responsibilities.”  My hourly committments have not increased at this point (although I am sure that may change soon) but the added responsibility of discovering what it means to lead a church of over 2,000 is still blowing my mind.  I love it and I am freaked all at the same time.

We also had vocal try-outs last week.  Since I am the vocal director this fell under the realm of my job.  We are going to start doing this every 6 months (at least thats what we have decided for right now).  Every 6 months, everyone re-auditions.  This allows for multiple people an opportunity to serve musically and it gives some of the members a “break” from their committments if they need it for a time without “losing their spot” on the team.  I think this means I will have to work that much harder to build team comrodery during this possibly short season that some may have on the team. 

Is any of this making sense?

Anyway, I thought the auditions went good.  We had 17 people show up which was awesome.  We learned a new song and then everyone sang.  In front of everyone else.  Although I at first thought this to be very intimidating, it would have been a lot scarier to sing in front of only 4 people who would not applaud and encourage you the way a whole audience would.  Then we had call-back auditions where we really got to know some new people.  Even though there are not spots on the team for everyone who auditioned, and I had to have some tough conversations, I really enjoyed meeting and getting to know some great people.  Thanks to everyone who auditioned and had the guts to put yourself out there.  I love you.

Thats it.  The worship confessional for last week.  It was a full 2 days with auditions.

Have I mentioned that I love my church?

I love Sushi

8 Sep

I love Sushi Andrew and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary on Thursday.  We had Sushi for the first time at a rockin place called Chomp in Fullerton.  I can’t exactly call myself a Sushi connoisseur.  California rolls and cold shrimp are about he extent of my sushi eating.  All You Can Eat sushi for 20 bucks a pop.  Can’t beat it.  Didn’t eat as much as I thought I would.  Fun times