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My Friends’ Kids

29 Jun

I love my friends’ kids. We went to breakfast with the Tonggs a few weeks ago and sweet baby girl just couldn’t hang.



I love this.

“Someday” by Mrs. Kerfoot’s class

28 Jun

Something else my mom also send me home with was my “save box” (the giant box sitting high on the shelf in my old room that has all the ribbons and drawings my mother saved since I was 2).

It was my job to go through the box, decide what I wanted to keep and toss the rest.  One of my favorite things I found was a “book” my 1st grade class put together called “Someday.” We all drew pictures and wrote one sentence about what we wanted to do/be someday.

Here was mine:







I love that except for the bows and the one-eyed people eating popcorn, my “someday” came true.

(but then I found another one that said “I want to be a teacher, a painter, a dancer, and a nurse”).  Guess 1 out of 4 aint bad.


27 Jun

I am pretty spoiled.  About a month ago I took this picture:







On the left is an empty jar of my mom’s homemade strawberry jam. I ran out and actually had to purchase my own store-bought jar!! Uugh.  I think this may be the first jar of jam I have actually bought at the store.

Then I went home to Fresno to visit a few weeks ago and….

…. homemade boysenberry jam.

Ahh.  All is well with the world again.


Thanks, mom.







I just finished

8 Jun

I just finished the “A Lineage of Grace” series by Francine Rivers.

If you get the chance, pick this one up.

It is actually 5 books. 5 stories of the undeserving women in the lineage of Jesus. (tip: get this book that is a compelation of all the books instead of buying each one indiviudally).

To view their stories from their perspective, to gain greater understading of the cultural significance of their lives, brings the story of God’s redemption for undeserving people to a whole new light.

I am a slow reader so it took me awhile to finish it but I loved it.

Change is good, right?

7 Jun

Summer is here. I needed a change.

I went blonde.

I haven’t had blonde hair in years.  I like it but it is taking some getting used to.

Pics to come.


Waffle Bliss

6 Jun

Last week we went to downtown Orange to visit family and even though we had already eaten our fill at dinner, Andrew and I had to stop at this intriquing walk-up restaurant called Bruxie.

Sandwhiches in WAFFLES!! They had every kind of sandwhich, even down to cheeseburgers in a delicious waffle.

Andrew and I went for the desert waffle:  bananas, nutella, and sweet cream in a waffle perfectly dusted with powdered sugar.

Mmmm, boy.

Um, I might have cried

5 Jun

Bawled, actually. In the middle of my living room. By myself.

So today Pastor Matt talked about love giving generously. I caught the last part of the sermon on livestream (often when I lead worship in the evening, I try to catch part of the semon in the am to see which direction the speaker may be going so I can plan accordingly).

Here’s when I cried: when Matt talked about the church staff struggling because we are simply under staffed and under budget for the size of our church.  I didn’t think I would cry, but I did because I see it and to hear Matt actually say it made it real. I see the stress on my husband. I see him come home with knots in his stomach because he has just worked a 10 hour day and still has so much to do and doesn’t know how he can get it all done. 

I have a lot to do at work too, but this is different.  Ministry stress is just different.

This post is personal. This is coming from the wife of a pastor. This is coming from one who volunteers much of my own time to the church. This is coming from one who sees the inside workings of church.

Its hard. Its worth it, but its hard sometimes.

My prayer today is that our church sees a need and fills it. My prayer is that 4,000 people who attend Sandals would love Christ’s bride by giving generously; not because a pastor asked them to, not because I write about my thoughts and put it on the internet, but because the Christ asked for it.