Why I haven’t been blogging

18 Dec

I have kind of been silently revolting. I still have a flip phone. Antennae, no data plan, can only hold about 15 pics, no music, no gps… you get me?

This means I am no longer the photographer in the family. I don’t carry my camera with me cause my husband takes all the pictures now on his iphone. This means that he has all the pictures… on his phone…. on his computer.

Now I feel entitled. Before when it was perfectly fine for me to take pictures on my camera, come home and find my camera, find the right cable, use the cable to upload them onto my computer (PC by the way), and then sit down and write from my computer… now it seems like such a task. 

So, there’s the lame reason. I haven’t been blogging because it has been feeling more like a ‘job’ rather than a easy thing I can do to to express my thoughts and invite others into my thoughts and life.

I think I might need to get over myself.  

One Response to “Why I haven’t been blogging”

  1. Cristine January 4, 2012 at 6:13 p01 #

    Glad you are blogging again! 🙂 SO glad I got to spend time with you!

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