The Reason Why

16 Nov

So in the car driving to the starting line for the race at 6:45am, I get a text from another friend, Summer Christopher:  “My water just broke.  On my way to the hospital.”

At first conflicted, Robin and Gina quickly convinced me to drop them off at the starting line and turn around and drive home.  I wished them luck as they jumped out of the car, raced to my parents house to grab my stuff, and was on the road back to Riverside.

A few weeks ago Summer had asked if I would be in the room when she was in labor.  Honored, I quickly said yes.  Knowing that I wasn’t the best person for the job (not having been through a delivery of my own), there was lots of stuff I did not know about but Neal and Summer were very gracious. 

When I got to Riverside, she was only at 2 cm.  Not too long after I got there, she started progressing.  I wanted to bet there but knew I only had a few hours because I was supposed to lead worship at church in the evening. 

At about 2:30 in the afternoon, it was evident to me:  I was either going to miss the birth of this baby or I was going to miss church.  My friends on the worship team are amazing and convinced me to stay; with a few emergency calls, a few amazing people stepped up to cover worship.

I am glad I stayed, because at 5:50…

I was one of the few that experienced the birth of Anselm Zephaniah Christopher.

It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  Sunday morning there wasn’t a person, then Sunday night, there was an extra person in the world!!

Yay for babies!

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