Fresno Trip

15 Nov

I posted previously that my BFF, Robin, moved to Washington DC.  Well, she came back to CA last week to run a half marathon she had been training for with some girls from her church.

Seeing that my friend was in CA, I had to make the 4 hour trip up to Fresno to see her.  I went up on Friday evening and came back Sunday afternoon.  I got to hang out with my nephews, take my parents out for yogurt for my Dad’s bday, and spend lots of time with my sweet friends.

Me, Gina, and Robin made a quick run to Target to get some stuff for their race day and Gina was a bit distracted by the clearanced halloween outfits….for dogs. 

We tease her because she is a bit obsessed with her pet.

I got talked into running part of the race with them and I gave in.  To keep ourselves warm, we bought some tube socks, cut holes, and put them on our arms.  Something we could toss in the middle of the run.

Even though I hadn’t been training, I was pretty excited to run part of the race with my friends (I was only going to do the 1st 3 miles because I had to get back to Riverside for church in the evening), but I never made it to the starting line….

to be continued…

One Response to “Fresno Trip”

  1. Cristine November 16, 2010 at 6:13 p11 #

    You can’t leave us hangin! 🙂 Excited to read about your adventures!

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