Taking Over

23 Sep

This is our pantry.  Just when we thought the weather was cooling down and the ants were dispersing…. BAM… they are everywhere.

Which I don’t get.  They aren’t IN anything.

Everything in our pantry is in zip lock bags.  They are just around. 

We have sprayed in and around our house several times and they keep coming back.   Don’t they know that if they come to the Boganwright house they will surely die? 

One kind of ant trap we have found that seems to work pretty well is this brand “Terro.”  The ants are attracted to the poison.  We just have to be okay with them swarming it for about 2 days but I would rather them be in one spot than all over.

Our roommate called them little black bastards.  I tend to agree with that title. 

One Response to “Taking Over”

  1. Nicole B. September 24, 2010 at 6:13 p09 #

    Ugh, I agree! They are very unholy. You are not the only ones…they hit my pantry and bathrooms two summers in a row now. Haven’t seen them in months, though, so I sympathize with you!

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