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Schedule Conflict

13 Aug

The past few weeks have been pretty crazy for me and Andrew.

Here was the schedule:  We went on vacation together for a week to Angel’s Camp, came home for a few days, I left for my Fresno/Carmel girls trip that next Saturday, came home on a Tuesday morning. 

I missed Andrew by a few hours because Tuesday morning he left for a management team retreat.  He came home Thursday evening so we could spend a little time together, then Friday morning I left for Hawaii with my mom and sister.  Yes, I said Hawaii.  I was gone for 9 days.

Andrew and I had never spent that much time apart.

I loved my trip but I was glad to come home after seeing my husband only once in almost 2 and a half weeks.

Girls Weekend

12 Aug

So I posted before that my BFF is moving to D.C.  So me, Robin, and Gina (the 3 of us have basically gown up together) decided that now would be the time to take that girls trip we have been talking about for a few years.

So they got babysitters and we headed to Carmel/Monterey area.

We went to Fisheman’s Warf for dinner, then to Monterey’s Cannery Row to walk  it off and fill back up with dessert from Ghiridelli.  Yum.

My running partners.  We went running in the morning on a trial along the beach.  I was a bit out of running shape so Gina and Robin were nice to me.  We only ran 3 miles, though both of them could have run a lot more.

I love the rocky beaches of the central coast.  So much to climb on and I love finding stuff in the tidepools.

We ended our stay by getting pedicures. 

Great girl time.  I love my friends and am so thankful God has blessed me with the lifelong friendships He has blessed me with in them.

Andrew and I are already scheming how we can make yearly trips to DC.  =)

I hate my computer

11 Aug

For days, since I got back from vacation, I have been planning on sitting down and catching up on my blogging. 

But things keep coming up and taking priority.  Mostly stuff that requires me to be on my computer.  Especially since we are trying to do research and advertise about our rental house.  Still no renters at this point.

And all the work makes me hate my computer. 

When I get over it, I will blog some more.