Girls Weekend

12 Aug

So I posted before that my BFF is moving to D.C.  So me, Robin, and Gina (the 3 of us have basically gown up together) decided that now would be the time to take that girls trip we have been talking about for a few years.

So they got babysitters and we headed to Carmel/Monterey area.

We went to Fisheman’s Warf for dinner, then to Monterey’s Cannery Row to walk  it off and fill back up with dessert from Ghiridelli.  Yum.

My running partners.  We went running in the morning on a trial along the beach.  I was a bit out of running shape so Gina and Robin were nice to me.  We only ran 3 miles, though both of them could have run a lot more.

I love the rocky beaches of the central coast.  So much to climb on and I love finding stuff in the tidepools.

We ended our stay by getting pedicures. 

Great girl time.  I love my friends and am so thankful God has blessed me with the lifelong friendships He has blessed me with in them.

Andrew and I are already scheming how we can make yearly trips to DC.  =)

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