Angel’s Camp

28 Jul

So I know its been a few weeks since I last posted.  Andrew and I went on vacation up to Angel’s Camp, Bass Lake, and Fresno, then I came home for 3 days and left again.  Its been a busy couple of weeks.

Here’s a little recap on our vacate:

First was a stop on the way north at our favorite pizza place: Me and Ed’s pizza is the best I have ever had.  We can’t say ‘No.’

We visited a cave called “Mercer Cavern.”  16 stories underground.  The safest place to be during an earthquake.  The granite absorbs all shock waves so even 2 stories down, you wouldn’t feel a thing.

Stalactites and stalagmites.  Do you know the difference?

We found a creek in the middle of a park and cooled off a bit.  It was pretty warm that day.

I liked the big trees.  When these were first discovered, people who had never seen them did not believe that such things could exists.  To prove their existance, the discoverers would strip the trees of their bark and bring them back to their hometown.  A bit counterproductive since it started to kill the trees.  Now they are protected.

It was mostly just amazing to get away with Andrew.

One Response to “Angel’s Camp”

  1. Jim (Dad) July 30, 2010 at 6:13 p07 #

    RE: Stalactites and stalagmites. Do you know the difference?

    A way to remember: they have to hold “tite” to the ceiling, and require “mite” to grow upwards.

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