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Too sexy, too sexy!

10 May

This is how Kaiser works:  when I went in for my HSG test Thursday the nice nurse lead me to a changing room in the hall way.  It basically looks like a bathroom stall without a toilet.

I am told to put my hospital gown on and sit in a waiting area until someone comes to get me. 

While I was waiting, I had to entertain myself somehow.  I think I look pretty good in grey-blue, don’t you?

My favorite was how my shoes complimented the outfit.

How did they know?


HSG Test

5 May

I can’t remember what HSG stands for (I will look it up later) but I have it tomorrow.

I started my infertility tests this week.  First going to get blood work, now for my HSG test.  Basically, they are going to shoot some dye up in my tubes (which I have heard does not feel so fabulous) and then take an X-ray.  They want to make sure everything is “flowing” properly.  Once I get the results back from that test, we can have another consultation with our doctor so she can interpret all our data.

I have heard of a few friends that got pregnant right when they started seeing the doctor.  As a total coincidence, at the moment they start seeking treatment, BAM, it happens.  A friend of mine said the doctor called it “conception by consultation.”

I was kinda hoping that would be me… but…. what are ‘ya gonna do?

Thanks for praying us through this process.

I love CST week!

5 May

As of last Friday I have taught my students everything they need to know for the year.  I feel very accomplished.  What am I going to do with them for the rest of year, you ask?  I haven’t gotten that far yet.

What I do know is that CST (California State Testing) starts this week.  And man do I love CST week.

Students take their tests in the morning while I casually monitor but mostly get work done, we only have 2 periods a day and get out at 1:00pm! 


Did I mention that I love CST week?

The worst aunt ever

4 May

At least I felt like it.

This is Corbin, my nephew.  All week long I kept telling myself “May 1st is Corbin’s birthday.  Call Corbin on May 1st.”

What I never told myself was “Saturday is May 1st.”  So at 11:30 pm when I am plugging my phone in before I go to bed and the date pops up, I realize…. today was Corbin’s birthday and I missed it.

I just sat there, stunned.  I couldn’t believe I had forgotten to call the only man under the age of 20 I love so much on such an important day.  He turned 10 and I missed it.

My husband literally held me while I cried myself to sleep. 

If I could change 1 thing about myself, it would be the remembering important dates thing.

 This is the kid I buy cookie dough from that I don’t really want just so he can have the chance to get into the money booth at school.  He is the only reason I would ever go to McDonald’s.  Besides his mom I was the first person to hold him in the delivery room.  I love this kid!

I did get to talk to him the next day and of course he was fine.  I was the mess. 

I am sure I have not scarred him for life.  I just want him to know how special he is to me and it makes me sad that I miss a lot of his life.

This is when living away from your family feels hard.