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First appointment

18 Apr

Andrew and I had our consultation appointment at the infertility clinic.  It went really well.  Our doctor is nice. 

I won’t start any tests for another few weeks but Andrew did his already  (that was interesting).  When they know for sure that I am not pregnant, they will shoot some dye into my tubes and take x-rays to make sure everything flows through okay.  Then they will do some blood work.

Before we went to our appointment Andrew and I talked about how we felt about going.  He wondered if we were doing the right thing because he didn’t feel ‘desperate’ to go.  To be real, I don’t either.  But I think this is a good place for us to be.

I don’t want the infertility clinic to become our priority.  I don’t want to be so desperate that we are willing to put all of our money, all of our resources into this. 

I am hopeful, but if we do find out that something is wrong, if we find out we can’t have our own kids, here’s where I am at:

Will I grieve?  Absolutely.  I will be heartbroken to know that I will not carry my own child, be pregnant, experience the nausea, the baby kick, trying to figure out if our baby looks more like me or like Andrew. 

But… there are too many kids out there who don’t have a home for me to spend all my resources and energy on the possiblity that we could have our own. 

I don’t know what God’s plan is for us.  I am trying to be open to whatever He decides for us, knowing He will walk us through it.

My first turkey

11 Apr

I cooked my first turkey a few weeks ago. 

I had to call my mom for a few tips. 

I disected dead people in college and it took me a while to get the guts to stick my hand in this.

The neck was the grossest part to me.

Have you ever done this?  Wow, this was disgusting.

In the end, it turned out decent.

Catching up

10 Apr

So other than being busy and not having time to sit with my computer, one of the reasons I haven’t been blogging is because there have been things going on I didn’t know how to blog about.

For example:  I lost my student teacher.  I wasn’t sure how to write about it as it was a fairly sensitive issue. 

I felt like we were making a lot of progress.  I was growing in releasing control, she was growing in her teaching abilities… and then… I left.  There were a few days I was gone and left her in charge as my substitute.  And…well… things didn’t go so well.  After behaving in a way I felt was unprofessional as a teacher (leaving out details), I contacted the credential program and asked them to find her a new placement.

That was a hard conversation.

So thats it.  Back to just me and the kids.  I guess its good that I like them 🙂

2 ways I know I am overwhelmed

1 Apr

1.  I stop blogging (hence the week(s) in between posts)

2.  I almost have a meltdown when my salsa spills in my cooler all over the carrots I wanted to eat. 

Yes, the former did in fact happen last night.

Its a good thing spring break is just around the corner.