Morning Routine

30 Apr

So far, this has started off like any other morning.  I pretty much do the same thing Monday – Friday.

Alarm goes off.  Hit snooze for about a half hour.

Look at my hair before I get in the shower. Decide if the oiliness can be treated with baby powder or if I need to wash it.  I’m good.  No washing today.

Shower. Shave.

Moisturize face and legs, brush hair, clean up eyes from previous day left-over mascara, put on white bathrobe.

Go downstairs and make coffee or zip-fizz.

Sit on couch to read bible drinking coffee or zip-fizz.

Pray with husband.

Finish getting ready with makeup, hair and clothes.  Realize its past 7:30 and I really should get moving (yes, that happens pretty much every day).

Go back downstairs.  Re-heat coffee, put in to-go mug.  Make lunch and breakfast to-go (fav breakfast is yogurt with berries and granola).

Leave for school 10 minutes later than I wanted to.

Yep, everything looks to be normal today except the fact that I am now 5 minutes behind schedule since I got sucked into my computer.

Are you a morning routine person too?

One Response to “Morning Routine”

  1. David April 30, 2010 at 6:13 p04 #

    Yes! I have a morning routine that never changes… much like yours.

    522 alarm goes off and I hit snooze.
    531 alarm goes off again and I’m up and out of bed (not cheerfully, either).

    I check on my kid to make sure she’s covered and then I close her door.

    I look in the mirror and decide if I need to shave or not (this all depends on 3 things… who I will see today, the quality / cuddle time w/ my kid (she doesn’t like a scratchy face), and if I look homeless – your husband’s voice pops into my head at this moment because he once said that if I don’t shave my neck, I look homeless… so, do I look homeless today?, is a normal question at 530am).

    Shower – Out of the shower by 545 (if I shave, it’s around 550).

    Clothes are in the bathroom from the night before… I don’t want to wake my wife up by turning on the light.

    Get dressed and get ready… (and in this order…) deodorant, clean ears, face lotion, hair products, brush teeth, vitamin in my pocket, and poop…

    Walk out the bathroom by 6 (yes, it takes me 10 minutes)… drop off pajamas in my laundry basket… kiss my wife goodbye.

    I grab my book bag, my lunch, mug of orange juice, and breakfast from the fridge (all packed the night before)… out the door by 603.

    In the car, drive to work, debate about starbucks by 612, and then I’m at work at 615… first one in the parking lot.

    In my room by 617… turn on computer, take out attendance book, set up my desk, make a to-do-list for the day.

    I read my Bible, journal, pray… by this time my computer is up and running. I check email, google-reader, and the current movie trailers. I review my lesson plans and take out any handouts or other teaching materials I need… I get more stuff on my to-do-list done (emails, texts, grading, lesson planning, etc)…

    Kids show up at 701 and I’m teaching… every morning… EVERY morning.

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