My Voice part 2

19 Apr

So here’s where I’m at:  since I got sick about 3 months ago, my voice has not fully recovered and returned to normal. 

I still can’t sing like I want.  Its not fun for me right now because it hurts.  I am constantly going on vocal rest, which is hard to do as a teacher.  I am drinking tea, warming up my voice before I teach or sing, trying my best not to talk in loud places, hardly ever singing in church unless I have a mic.  And still, its not there.

Today I actually took a pad of paper to church so I could communicate.

Its my voice!!  What are the 2 things I am sure God has called me to?  Being a worship leader and a teacher.  Kinda hard to do if your vocal chords aren’t working. 

Today in worship I cried singing (with my heart) that I will bring God praise in any circumstance, in any season. Its true, but it is still a really hard for me right now.  I want to sing praises to my King with the voice He gave me and I can’t.

Can I ask you for prayer again?  Would you pray that God heals my voice, that I find ways to rest and protect it while being a teacher, that I can find a voice teacher that will help me strengthen this instrument?

Humbly…. thank you.

One Response to “My Voice part 2”

  1. Tricia Boganwright (Mom) April 21, 2010 at 6:13 p04 #

    You have got my prayers. I love you.

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