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4 Mar

Everytime anyone asks me about my job security, I always tell them that “I am fine.  There are teachers who have been hired after me, I am the department chair, I teach science. I am fine.”

I don’t say that anymore.

Yesterday I got called into my principal’s office and I found out that I am getting a pink slip.  This means that Riverside Unified is telling me that I ‘may or may not’ have a job next year.  They are supposed to let me know for sure by May 15th. 

I am not too worried because I am at the top of the list to get reinstated, but it still sucks.  There are no guarantees.

I am just so sad over what is happening to our school system.  Out of 40 teachers at our school, 17 of them are getting pink slipped.  What do they expect is going to happen to these kids? 

We are short on money, so lets cut $17 million out of our school system, and lower the prospect of success for our future leaders so there is even less money in circulation for our economy. 

Yeah, that makes sense. 

Please pray.  Not only for my job, but countless other teachers who do not have the hope of getting their job back.

I’m ashamed to say…

2 Mar

I have gotten into The Bachelor.  Yes.  I know its so lame.  1 guy kissing all these girls. 


But I can’t look away.

Check this out

2 Mar

I have been feeling pretty overwhelmed at work.  A lot of jobs have been pushed back because they have fit into the “important but not urgent” category. 

Nonetheless, these things have been hanging over my head.  So… I finally got it out of my head and made a list.  I don’t know why I didn’t do this first, but it really helped.

But today, I realized that I got all but one crossed off!

Doesn’t crossing things off make you feel so accomplished? 

I love it.

Why we keep our passes

1 Mar

So yesterday morning, my BFF, Robin, calls me and tells me she is coming to Disneyland  for a cheer competition (she’s the coach).  It just so happened that I had this Sunday off so I packed my bag.

We ate dinner at Rainforest Cafe Saturday night, spent the night in the hotel, then the day in CA Adventure.  Jr. High cheer?  Not really my thing, but I would do just about anything to hang out with my best friend and her daughter. 

This is one of the reasons we keep our Disneyland passes: to spend time with Mike and Robin whenever they come down. 

Do you have passes?  Why do you keep yours?