My Happy Place

26 Feb

One of the presents Andrew gave me for my birthday was 2 tickets to Sea World.  On our way back from our Mexico vacate, we took the day to stop in San Diego and visit one of my favorite places. 

I know that every kid wants to be a killer whale trainer when they grow up, but I was really serious about it.  My first year of college, I even declared my major as marine biology.  I gave up the dream when I realized that it was more practical to pursue a career that didn’t require me living only in one particular city (although I wouldn’t cry if I was called to live in San Diego).  I wanted to be able to get a job wherever my future husband did. 

God obviously had different plans for me because I never went to college in San Diego (but I did try out for the volleyball team and visit Point Loma a few times). 

But when I go back to Sea World, I am still jealous.  One of the things at the top of my life list is to touch Shamu.

They picked some little girl to touch him instead. 


I mean, really, who wouldn’t want this job?

Although, it would be a drag to come home smelling like fish everyday after work.

But I got to pet the next best thing:  the dolphins.

The amazing minds at Sea World have come up with another way to make loads of money.

For $6, they give you 3 small fish that will almost guarentee that a dolphin will come close enough to pet.  I have done this before but it never gets old. 

Getting this close to a walrus is also pretty great.

This place never gets old for me.  This is where I turn into a little kid. 

Whenever I come here, I inevitably start re-evaluating my life and trying to figure out how I can start training to pass the swim test to become a trainer…. then Andrew talks me down. 

I’m not every going to be a killer whale trainer, but at least we got tickets to go back as many times as we want for free for the rest of the year!!  Woohoo!!

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