The last of it

21 Feb

My parents are great.  A few years ago I realized something about my mom:  I am pretty sure her love language is ‘acts of servce,’ specifically when it involves food.  My mom shows you she loves you by feeding you, and you show love back by eating her food.

Since my mom is a pretty delicious baker, showing her love is pretty easy. =)

So when my my birthday came last month, my mom and dad drove all the way down from Fresno for the purpose of bringing me my birthday cake.

Seriously, only mom would drive 4 hours to bring someone chocolately goodness.

And this is the last of it.

I enjoyed my cake. 

Sad when the last bite was gone.

Love my mom.

One Response to “The last of it”

  1. Carole Heinrichs February 22, 2010 at 6:13 p02 #

    And I love you bunches, too!!! Dad and I (I am helping him) are on the South Beach diet and what I wouldn’t give for these first 2 weeks to be over with so I can “indulge” again!!
    Remember–not everything I make for you is healthy bad–wow your friends with the homemade applesauce made with cinnamon and stevia.
    Love ya,

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