Jesus, Lazers, and Green Fire!

4 Jan

A few weeks before Christmas, Andrew gave me an early present: he took me to see the Transiberean Orchestra playing in Anaheim.  As you might be able see, our seats were pretty high up in the Honda Center. 

I have never been to a concert before where people were hoisted up on a raising stage and fire and lazers blinded us as we watched. 

It was pretty bad-A.

But the best part was that we got to go with a few of our closest friends… 

and… Justin Pardee. 

During the applauses, he started screaming.  First, he started yelling for “more lazers!” 

Then he started randomly yelling “Jesus!” and then it turned into naming the various colors of fire that was coming from the stage.  I think our group turned into the annoying group of laughing people behind you at a concert you wish would shut up so you could just enjoy the music.  =) 

A fun time was had by all. 

(Hint: if you ever go to an event at the Honda Center, eat dinner firt at the El Torito on Ball Road and take the free tram over from the restaurant.  Door to door service, no parking fee, no looking for parking spots.  Props to Amanda Tongg for discovering this golden nugget of information).

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