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I am listening to…

17 Dec

Celine Dion Christmas.  Don’t laugh.  I love Celine.  I get to practice my singing a lot when I listen to her.  She challenges me.

That is the CD in my car.  I don’t have an ipod adapter for my car so yes, I still listen to CD’s.  It is a pain to change it all the time so when I put in a CD it usually stays for a while.   

What is in your player right now?

Saved Dinner

16 Dec

The other night Andrew and I were making dinner and he set out to BBQ a steak on the grill. 

He came back in after a few and told me that he DROPPED THE DELICIOUSLY JUICY MARINATED STEAK! 

But, using his cat-like reflexes, he caught it against his leg before it hit the ground.

This is his reinactment of the momentous act.

Had to wash the pants but the steak was still good.

My hero.

Changing my ways

15 Dec

For years I washed my hair every day.  All through high school and college.  I just didn’t feel clean unless my hair was washed because it felt so oily to me. 

Then a few years ago my hair dresser told me that if I would stop washing my hair everyday, my hair would get used to it.  So I went to every other day, still using baby powder in my hair to make it less oily.  I have since found that it does in fact look better on the 2nd day.  It styles much better.

Lately, though, I have been challenging my previous habit and trying to only wash every 3 days.  

Today is day 3.  It means I have to get creative and wear it back, but I am loving not putting so much time into it.

I find that I will even try to plan my work-outs around my hair washing schedule (’cause if it gets sweaty it must be washed then).

Do you wash every day?

The weirdest thing

8 Dec

Today the weirdest thing happened at school.  I was teaching my lesson (I wrote a song so my students could learn about elements, compounds, and mixtures – pretty proud of that) and as I was singing with my guitar, my throat started itching. 

Then I started sneezing like crazy.  My nose plugged up, my eyes watered.  It was awful. 

I was fine through lunch, then this hit me at the beginning of 4th period and it lasted through the end of my last class.  I thought of even calling the office and telling them I needed to go home but decided to just stick it out.

Now, students are gone.  3:15.  I am almost perfectly fine.  My nose is a little sore from all the tissue but I can breathe through both nostrils. 

What the heck?  I think I was allergic to my students today. 


Since last post

7 Dec

I know its been a few days since I posted.  This is literally the first time I have had had a chance to sit down at my computer.

It has been a really crazy week but I have gotten to do a lot of really great stuff.  Tuesday: had a meeting after school and then the Sandals staff Christmas party at Riley’s Farm.  A wonderful time was had by all.  Got home late. 

Wednesday: I can’t even remember what we did Wednesday but I know we were gone (don’t you hate it when you can’t remember what happened a few days ago)

Thursday we went to see the Transiberian Orchestra in Anaheim.  That was awesome.

Friday Andrew and Justin Pardee picked me up after school (school out at 2:55, I got in the car at 2:58) and we went to the mountains for a minister coordinator’s retreat.  This was also great but I am glad to be home now on Sunday evening with the chance to sit on my couch for a while. 

Me and my computer.  Home.

Reason #5,201 why my husband is awesome

1 Dec

So we had some friends over for dinner last night and we made a lot of food, then more was brought over.  A lot of food, plus extra people means a lot of dishes.  I had a huge headache last night so just I went to bed while I heard Andrew moving around in the kitchen.  When I woke up in the morning and went downstairs I saw…

not only did he unload and reload the dishwasher, do the remaining dishes and clean the counters…





he also swept the floor and rearranged the kitchen table just the way I like.


Yes, my husband does the dishes.  Eat your heart out, Ladies. 


Still Fighting

1 Dec

So the last post I wrote about our “trying to get prego” journey (I think I need a new name for it) was about me choosing to enjoy life now and what is rather than being disapointed in what is not.

And the last few months have been good emotionally.  I have taken our situation more in stride and have chosen to find joy in our current circumstances, relinquishing all control to God.

Then this diet idea came along.  Detox.  Get rid of toxins, hormones that could be built up in my system.  This is a great idea.  I love feeling healthy and I was proud of myself.  Well, I obviously broke it for Thanksgiving and now I am faced with the decision of whether or not I should continue the raw foods detox.

This afternoon I started feeling so anxious about this decision and I finally figured out why:  The diet gave me control.  If I can diet long enough, I can get pregnant.  But on the flipside, if I don’t go back on it, then I am not doing all that I can to get pregnant.  If I don’t keep doing this detox, it is my fault that I won’t see two lines instead of one.

Did you recognize the lies?  Cause it took me awhile. 

Andrew was amazing to help me recognize the lies I was believing and remind me of Truth:  Its not my fault.  I’m not too skinny, I don’t exercise too much, eat too much protein, not enough protein, too many preservatives (all things I have heard).  I don’t think I have that much control.  I don’t think I want it because that only brings me guilt. 

 And when we do get the joy of having kids, I don’t want to be able to say I had anything to do with it.  I want the joy of the miracle God did in our lives.

It is not in my control. 

Does that mean I might have to wait a while longer?  Maybe. 

Oh… waiting.

There has to be a balance.  Of course if there are things we can do, I want to make sure we are doing everything we can.  But I have to remember that it is God’s working, not my own. 

So, to diet or not to diet.  I think it will be moderation for me.

Thanks for letting me share.