This is Prayer

6 Nov

For the sake of not revealing too much this person might not want me to reveal, I will not share the name of the person who sent me this facebook message, but I will share the content.  I felt so blessed and so loved when I got this message from a girl in our church, whom I don’t even know, but have connected with through online endevers.  She, too, has been wrestling with the prospect of wanting children but having to wait on God’s timing.

This makes me want to be a better pray-er.  Let me just share what she wrote to me:

“I’m not sure what yesterday held for you, but the Spirit placed you on my heart and I prayed. I prayed for your role as a worship leader in our church. Your need to be the example of “realness” God desires. I prayed for your desire to trust God and yet still listen and wait for his next prompting; on His timing, not yours. I prayed for peace for when it was time to see a doctor. I prayed for God work in your relationship with Andrew; that you continue to seek the comfort of your husband as you move through this journey together. You had mentioned earlier that you had “flipped the switch” and “turned off the emotion.” I prayed that if God wants you to set the emotion aside and change your focus, that you would be able to do so with ease. But I also prayed that God would show you when it was necessary to bring back those emotions to Him, piece by piece, so you can have healing, comfort, contentment, and joy. I prayed for you with your passion and purpose as a teacher. That you would continue to be His light to the open minds around you. That you would draw strength and encouragement from your students; that they would not drain you, but fill you up. I prayed that God would surround you with love and encouragement from friends. I praised God for the encouragement you have been for me. For the opportunity to pour out my feelings and emotions. I know these emails have been odd an so surreal so I thanked God for facebook 🙂 . I prayed for your future. For your current family and your future family. I prayed for protection and healing of your physical body and your daily thoughts and emotions. Thank you again for letting me share and pray. You are an encouragement and blessing to me”

That is a prayer.  I am humbled and oh so blessed.


One Response to “This is Prayer”

  1. Mel November 6, 2009 at 6:13 p11 #

    Beautiful. I too have been humbled and astonished at the amount of prayer out there for us.

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