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Work out much?

10 Sep

I know its only the beginning of the year, but I am loving my students right now.  They are doing so great and I am actually really excited about how the school year has been going so far.

Although the waking up part is still interesting.

I think the thing I am mourning about my summer the most is being able to work out as much as I did.  During the summer I could basically work out whenever I wanted.  Now its so much harder to make it all fit. 

A friend said he could get me his copy of P90X. I want that so bad.

Do you work out regularly?  What is your routine?

If I was wishing for stuff…

5 Sep

Cayucus and Fresno Family 011


…I’d wish to be at 2 places at once.

I am missing out today.

This is my sweet cousin, Jocelyn.  She is getting married today… in Nebraska.

My family is there now and I am missing a very special day.  I am sad that I will not be there the celebrate with her.  I am sad that I am missing time spent with the family that I love so much.

I was supposed to go.  We had our plane tickets and everything.  Then I found out that the Sandals Christmas album was going to be recorded on the same day.

After much deliberation and some amazing encouragement from my parents, Andrew and I decided to stay. 

Even though I am excited about being a part of the Sandals worship team’s first album, I still feel torn.  But I would have felt that way if I went to the wedding, too.

This is when my dream super-power of teleporation would come in very handy.

Thats so 90’s

5 Sep

I wanted to work out tonight, but I also didn’t feel like going to the gym.  So I just thought I’d work out at home.  Usually when I do this I find some aerobics stuff online but I left my computer plug at school.

So I busted out the ol’ Taebo VHS and got motivated by Billy Blanks. 

Taebo 005







Taebo 007



All I can think of whenever I see this video is…. what is up with this outfit?

I just think its a little wrong that I can see his nipples coming out of the top of his shirt.

Don’t watch this video

4 Sep

Seriously.  I am putting it on my blog.  But don’t watch it. I mean it.  I don’t know how to take pictures of stuff offline so the video is on here.  I put it on so you could see what NOT TO WATCH!

Tonight I was looking around some music videos doing some song research and I stumbled upon some Martina McBride (yes, I like her) videos.  This one, Concrete Angel, had over 8 million views so I thought, “This must be good.” 

Seriously… don’t watch it unless you feel like balling right now.

Wow.  2 videos lately that made me cry.  I promise I am stable.

But really, if you ignore my advice and watch this thing.. and you don’t cry… you are made of stone.


Its too late

3 Sep

It is 10:40 and I am now getting into the mode of “its too late” to be up.  During the summer 10:40 was nothin’.

I am mourning my summer a bit.

But Labor Day is coming.  I get to sleep in then.

What are you doing for Labor Day?