If I was wishing for stuff…

5 Sep

Cayucus and Fresno Family 011


…I’d wish to be at 2 places at once.

I am missing out today.

This is my sweet cousin, Jocelyn.  She is getting married today… in Nebraska.

My family is there now and I am missing a very special day.  I am sad that I will not be there the celebrate with her.  I am sad that I am missing time spent with the family that I love so much.

I was supposed to go.  We had our plane tickets and everything.  Then I found out that the Sandals Christmas album was going to be recorded on the same day.

After much deliberation and some amazing encouragement from my parents, Andrew and I decided to stay. 

Even though I am excited about being a part of the Sandals worship team’s first album, I still feel torn.  But I would have felt that way if I went to the wedding, too.

This is when my dream super-power of teleporation would come in very handy.

2 Responses to “If I was wishing for stuff…”

  1. Nicole September 8, 2009 at 6:13 p09 #

    Bummer! I’m sad you had to miss out of such an important event for your family, but I’m sure your cousin understood. How did it go? Have you seen pictures yet? And how was it recording the album???

  2. Dad (Becca's) September 10, 2009 at 6:13 p09 #

    Becca, check my FB for pix of the trip, and your email for a look at the new twins.

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