I’m being a servant D@#*it!

15 Jun

In fulfilling the vision of being real, this was my attitude last night when tearing down after service.  There was a job to do that was obviously not getting done by anyone else so I decided to be a humble servant and take care of it.  With a wonderful attitude to match. 

But before you go thinking this is a great post because I’m being all “real” and stuff, just know that  I am great at doing it with a smile on my face so no one knows what I am thinking:  “This isn’t my job.  Why isn’t anyone else taking care of this?  Is anyone even noticing that I am selflessly giving of myself to do a job that I don’t  even need to be doing?”

Then I very quickly get my answers:  “So what if it isn’t your job?  Because you’re the one who needs a lesson in servant hood right now.  Nope.  No one notices except for Me.  Why isn’t that enough for you?”

Moded Corroded.

And I quote Josh Vanderveen:  I got a “face full of Jesus fist” last night.  I needed it.

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