My ears itch

29 Mar

So I candled my ears about a week and a half ago.  I have done it twice and I guess I should have done my research BEFORE I did it.  My ears are itchy.  This happened last time but I just thought it was because I kept Q-tipping my ears afterwards.  So I got online to see why my ears might be itching.  I found more and more stuff about how these ear cones don’t actually work.  It felt good at the time.  Thinking your are getting all that stuff out of your ears.  Like popping a really good zit.  But I heard that the gunk left over is just wax from the candle.  I don’t want to buy one just to experiment – they are too expensive. 

Anyway, if you are even thinking of coning your ears.  Please at least check out a few websites.  This blog post in particular I thought was pretty good.

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