If you want to feel tough…

31 Dec

…throw a hatchet.



This is my dad.  The day after Christmas we went with my parents and in-laws to some friends’ property in the foothills.  We rode quads and threw  stuff, namely hatchets and knives, at logs to make them stick.  It was so much fun.










This is Andrew with an axe.  I did not try this one because I was afraid of ripping myself a new one.




But here was my shining moment… After the hatchets, the guys started throwing knives.  It looked a lot harder than the hatchets because they weren’t hardly sticking any of them.  But then I thought I would try it.  The men were shocked to see the GIRL STICK HER FIRST THROW!!!  HA!




Once I stuck 2 out of 5 throws (a better percentage than any of the boys) I thought I would end on a good note. 



Aside from having a good time, one of the things that blessed me the most about day was hanging out with both my parents and Andrew’s parents together.  (My parents on the left, Andrew’s dad on the far right).

#1 – having in-laws that get along is a tremendous blessing.  #2 – not feeling torn about spending more time with one set of parents than the other… priceless.

Great day.

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