I think its Monday

8 Dec

Yeah.  Pretty sure it is Monday.  That is the great thing about being devoid of home responsibilities.  You loose sense of time.  Here was our Monday:   Today we were taken on a tour of the city.  Even in Africa, there are the rich parts of town, and the not-so-rich (to say the least) parts of town.  We were really given an opportunity to understand the needs of the city so we know what to pray for. 

Being a predominately Muslim culture, today’s Islamic holiday made the city an interesting place to be.  As people dressed in their best, rode donkeys, and went to their mosques to celebrate, we walked around the city… praying.  Being a part of a culture that is so different from my own is an incredible experience and opens my eyes to so much of who God is and how much He loves His people.  God truly began to give me a hurting heart for the lost around me. 

Later, we were discussing how we can bring this burden back to the states and prompt people to commit to praying for God’s work here in East Africa.  Andrew brought up an excellent point:  we are not even broken for the lost, how can we be broken for the lost in another country?  When was the last time I prayed that God would save the people I come into contact with every day? 

Just a little something I need to be chewing on. 

Keep praying:  The enemy has a strong hold over this place.  Pray that God’s light will shine through dark places.  Continue to pray for our health (no diarrhea yet.  Woohoo), and safety.  Pray that the hearts of Christians would be burdened to pray for the lost in other countries and in our own.

PS.  Sorry no pictures today.  The computer is doing some wierd stuff

One Response to “I think its Monday”

  1. loveisaverb December 9, 2008 at 6:13 p12 #

    The Mays are praying for the lot of you in E. Africa. We love you and what you all are doing for Sandals! (The visited family included!)

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