Our adventure so far

7 Dec

So here are some pics showing just a few pieces of our adventure.  We have been in East Africa for 3 days now.  We are absolutely loving spending time with the family and being immersed in their everyday life here in Africa.  I am learning so much about what life is like here, not only for the locals, but for the “m’s” who live here. I am learning what “m’s” need in order to survive emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  I am confronted with how my own expectations interfere with how I perceive God’s people all around me.  And in only 3 days, that seems to be a lot.

But I digress, here are those pics I promised…beccas-pics-002

This one was taken at a cafe in Amsterdam.  We had a 4 hour layover and so we got the bright idea to take the train into the city.  As a party city, most stores don’t open until 9 or 10am.  At 7:15, we finally found a cafe open and had cappacinos.  Everyone stared at us because at a temperature of 37 degrees, Andrew was wearing shorts and a T-shirt.  We just laughed but had a great time.


After our friends picked us up from the airport, we stayed one night in the main city because it is not safe to travel at night. From there we made the 5 hour drive to their smaller city.  Sorry, Nancy, I know this is not the best picture, but I had to include it as a memory of our little stop on the way.  There are no ‘rest stops’ on the road so we made one stop to pee on the side of the road.  Its a good thing I’ve been camping before.


We also brought over 5 crates FULL of stuff for the family.  It was so amazing to see them blessed with so many things they cannot get here.  To those of you who gave to stuff the crates, thank you.  They were blessed beyond belief.  It was really fun to watch them open the crates.  Especially the boys.

One Response to “Our adventure so far”

  1. amfunches December 7, 2008 at 6:13 p12 #

    WOW! Sounds like you are having a great time. It looks like Nancy has lost some weight. I am glad you made it safe to the little city and hope you enjoy the rest of the time there! Cant wait to see more pics.

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